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The coronavirus has become the “black swan” that brought down the global economy. In particular, against the backdrop of the spread
Chinese commercial sites are popular online marketplaces used by citizens from all over the world. On
News of COVID-19 infection and controversy over who created the coronavirus continues to lead the way
China ranks fifth among the suppliers of fruits and vegetables to the domestic market. Therefore, most citizens
The Chinese coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is spreading around the world very rapidly, which terrifies the inhabitants of the entire
Coronavirus is a viral disease that leads to the development of a serious complication - pneumonia.
Several months have passed since the first case of coronavirus infection, but scientists are still
Coronavirus is a disease of the lower respiratory tract that is infectious in nature. For the first time the pathology was registered
Latest coronavirus: WHO says Europe has become the epicenter of the pandemic. Updates on respiratory illness that
Coronavirus is a dangerous disease that develops when the body is exposed to 2019-nCoV. Laboratory
Is there any reason to believe that the Chinese coronavirus was deliberately invented in the United States? What economic benefits
A new pandemic is sweeping the planet, which humanity has not encountered before. Panic risk succumbing
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