Now all the inhabitants of Russia are in a difficult situation. And not only the inhabitants of Russia, but
Since the end of December, the whole world has been fascinated by the information provided in the media about the number
Coronavirus belongs to the category of viral diseases, the genotype of which is not well understood. That is why the disease is active
Coronavirus is a deadly disease that attacked the whole world in 2020. Daily them
According to official information, the Chinese coronavirus epidemic, which began at the end of 2019, penetrated 200
Coronovirus-COVID-19 is a family of viral bacteria. Which have been identified by January 2020
Coronavirus test humanity for strength. If the epidemic ended in Asian countries, now everything
The situation with the spread of coronavirus in the Moscow region is getting worse every day, but the authorities of the region
Not so long ago, the coronavirus broke out only in China, and few suspected that the epidemic
The spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 every day worsens the epidemiological situation in Russia and the world
A family of viruses has taken over the planet. It would seem that humanity has stepped forward so much that it could resist
Coronavirus is a serious viral disease that people first became aware of at the end of 2019.
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