The new Chinese virus has already touched every region of the country, almost all of them are in
Now all the inhabitants of Russia are in a difficult situation. And not only the inhabitants of Russia, but
According to many experts, the risk of new infections with coronavirus infection will remain until June. Belarus is an exception
We know that coronavirus refers to a disease of the respiratory tract and intestinal tract. It's contagious
The coronavirus continues to sweep our planet, claiming more and more lives every day.
Quarantine due to coronovirus. It is different in the regions. How does this process go
WHO experts note that compliance with isolation rules is the main way to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. This
Since the end of December, the whole world has been fascinated by the information provided in the media about the number
The global pandemic has terrified everyone. There is an opinion that after peace comes
Isolation and quarantine help protect the public by preventing contact with people who have or may
Today, quarantine in Khimki continues to operate, measures are constantly tightened. How long it will last is unknown. Authorities
As of April 19, 140 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Orenburg.
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