According to many experts, the risk of new infections with coronavirus infection will remain until June. Belarus is an exception
Ukraine has taken the path of strict quarantine, which has caused serious tension in society. Among the most
More than 3 weeks ago, the first case of coronavirus was recorded in Crimea. Since then it has been observed
Coronavirus belongs to the category of viral diseases that are transmitted by contact and airborne droplets. At first
A family of viruses, in which at least 4 subspecies dotted the whole world with panic and fear.
The coronavirus pandemic has been declared worldwide. More than 1.6 million people have died from COVID-19
Coronavirus belongs to the category of serious viral diseases that spread by airborne droplets and contact, namely
Coronavirus has acquired the appearance of a pandemic that is spreading across the territory of various countries. was no exception and
Belarus is one of the few countries in the whole world that has not introduced
In all regional centers of Belarus and in the capital of the Republic, foci of COVID-2019 infection have been identified. Discovered
Every city is struggling with the 2020 pandemic that has hit. From April 1 in the city of Sevastopol
At the end of February 2020, the whole world was shocked by terrible news about a new type of coronavirus.
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