The situation in Pattaya with the new coronavirus

The Chinese coronavirus epidemic is spreading across the planet at the speed of light. The network has information that the infection has reached Thailand. Although a month ago there was no information about the infected. Now the number of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 is increasing daily. We will find out how the situation has developed in the country and in the popular tourist resort of Pattaya.

How many cases of coronavirus in Pattaya

The situation with coronavirus in Pattaya is quite complicated. The fact is that most of the cases were noted in Bangkok. Frightened residents of the capital began to hastily move to other regions, thereby spreading the infection. Maria, a user of the social network, speaks about this.

Russian migrants living in Pattaya claim that information about the current situation is exaggerated. There was a lot of fake, implausible news. In fact, everything is not so bad.

To date, more than 700 cases of infection have been recorded in the state. Most of them are residents of the capital. Many people infected in Thailand were noted among workers in the tourism sector. They are considered the main sources of infection.

Attention! The country has been closed to Russians since March 22. Arrival is not possible.

There is currently no officially confirmed information about the sick in Pattaya. But the quarantine regime also applies here. Travelers are being screened for infection at the airport. Those tourists whose tests are suspicious are placed in the capital's hospitals.

The coronavirus in the country is imported. Cases of infection were first detected in visitors to Thailand.

Please note that for entry you will need to provide a certificate stating that you are not infected and have not come into contact with carriers of the virus.

Is it possible to get coronavirus in Pattaya?

Of course, the probability of getting infected in Thailand in the city of Pattaya exists, however, as in any other place on the globe. The fact is that a new strain of coronavirus has appeared. No one on Earth has immunity to it, and the vaccine has not been created.

Footnote! Help prevent infection precautions. To date, they are considered the most effective methods in the fight against coronavirus.

The authorities claim that the situation at the resort is under control, there is no outbreak of the epidemic. Preventive measures reduce the risk of infection.

Note that tourists are responsible for quarantine and listen to the recommendations of doctors.

The international airport where vacationers arrive can become a point of spread for a new disease. But visitors are carefully examined, their body temperature is measured, and if necessary, they are sent to self-isolation.

In Pattaya, a large number of citizens of the Middle Kingdom are noted. But recreation areas and tourist infrastructure are different for Russians and Chinese. They practically do not intersect.

Remember that the likelihood of infection increases if personal hygiene is not observed. Remember to wash your hands with soap or use disinfectant solutions.

Only preventive measures will save from the penetration of coronavirus into the body. Be carefull!

What is the situation in Pattaya now?

Coronavirus in Pattaya caused panic among residents back in February. But she was premature. Now the situation has really escalated.

The resort is in a quarantine zone. Military patrols testify to this. They meet on the streets of the city.

There are much fewer vacationers, yet there is a danger of infection, and this stops tourists. The authorities ensure that preventive measures are observed:

  1. Public places are being disinfected.
  2. Posters with the rules of conduct in quarantine mode have been posted.
  3. There are calls to wear medical masks.
  4. New vacationers are carefully examined.
  5. Public places are closed.

In general, the situation is calm, tourists note that they see no reason to cancel their vacation. But the border with Russia is already closed.

Cases of infection have not been identified, people with suspicious tests are placed in hospitals or sent to self-isolation.

The latest news speaks of new cases of infection in the country. Public places, entertainment points, spas, beaches are closed at all resorts, including Pattaya.

Footnote! You will be able to enter the resort only if you have a certificate confirming the absence of coronavirus in the body. The service is not free. The cost of the document varies from 3,000 to 15,000 baht.

More and more masked people appear on the streets every day. It became impossible to order an excursion program. When the tourist season will open officially is unknown.

Reviews of tourists

Reviews of vacationers in 2020 indicate that Pattaya is still calm and peaceful. Nothing about the epidemic. They note that even no one wears masks, the guests of the resort continue to have fun and have fun.

But the latest news reports confirm that the virus continues to spread throughout the state. This is due to the incessant flow of tourists who do not want to cancel their vacation due to infection. Travelers from countries in the risk zone become a source of infection.

Significantly reduced prices for both accommodation and tours. Operators understand that the tourist flow may stop completely, and there are fewer and fewer people who want to go on vacation every day.

Travelers note that if a decision is made not to abandon the rest, then one should take care of preventive measures. Namely:

  1. Consume bottled water.
  2. Wash your hands with soap as often as possible.
  3. Use disinfectants.
  4. Avoid crowded places (markets, entertainment centers).
  5. Pay close attention to your well-being.

Thus, even on vacation, you will be able to protect yourself from infection with coronavirus. But one should also listen to the opinion of Russian epidemiologists. And they insist on the refusal of any foreign travel as a precaution. The right to choose remains with each person. I would like to remind you that only we are responsible for whether the epidemic develops into a pandemic, and the WHO has already announced this possibility. Stay healthy and take care.

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