The situation with coronavirus in Tajikistan

Coronavirus is a serious disease that develops when the body is exposed to the COVID-19 virus. The first cases of infection were reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of last year.

The number of infected, dead and recovered

On March 4, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tajikistan announced that there were no harnessed people. The Chinese virus in Tajikistan was first discovered in a resident of Uzbekistan, who, together with 10 people, flew by plane to Tashkent from Istanbul.

Authorities were able to identify 6 people who were on board the plane. Four people are still being sought. All people who had contact with the patient were sent to a two-week quarantine, at the end of which the coronavirus was not detected.

In Tajikistan, there have been cases of a thorough check for the presence of coronavirus among citizens who arrived in the country. All rapid tests came back negative.

Information about the coronavirus infection in Khujand appeared on the Internet. The authorities denied these rumors. The press secretary of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, B. Darveshzoda, claims that, in accordance with the agreements with the world organization, they cannot hide such facts.

Where are patients treated for the new coronavirus?

Despite the fact that coronavirus was not detected in Tajikistan until March 15, wards were prepared here for the treatment of patients in medical institutions.

Tajikistan has strengthened the measures of sanitary and epidemiological control. The work of sanitary and quarantine points has been strengthened at land border posts and at airports. The international port of Dushanbe is equipped with thermal imagers, which measure the body temperature of passengers.

Paramedic of the sanitary service of Khursandov International Airport Shahlo reports that their department consists of 9 people. These are 4 doctors and paramedics who carefully check the health status of all arriving passengers. The check is carried out by thermal scanners. If medical workers have suspicions, then the coronavirus test is carried out in a special isolation room. If necessary, the sanitary service provides first aid.

In accordance with the decrees of the Ministry of Health in Tajikistan, in case of infection with coronavirus, treatment will be carried out in the children's hospital and the Main Health Center.

Is the country provided with tests and ventilators?

Rospotrebnadzor handed over tests for the detection of coronavirus to the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan. The virology laboratory of the Main State Service for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance has 2,000 test systems.

At the moment, virological laboratories in the country are preparing to conduct examinations of patients for coronavirus.

Measures of protection in the country

The government of Tajikistan is taking measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. As it became known, "khakida" or regarding the Chinese who arrived in the country, they are placed in quarantine. These additional security measures have been introduced in Dushanbe. The government has strengthened the mode of operation of all sectors of the Ministry of Health in order to stop the spread of coronavirus in the world.

ATTENTION! The authorities of Tajikistan report that all citizens of the country who study at higher educational institutions in Wuhan are absolutely healthy. It is impossible to take citizens of Tajikistan out of the Chinese city, as it is closed for quarantine.

Prevention of the spread of infection by employees of the preventive disinfection center is constantly being carried out in the country. Markets and other crowded places are regularly disinfected. Previously, this procedure was carried out once a month, and when the situation with coronavirus worsened, they began to disinfect every day.

For disinfection, Almadez is used, which actively kills viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi. This is a safe drug for human health, so it is widely used to disinfect schools, kindergartens, public utilities, catering establishments, crowded places, etc.

In most markets in Tajikistan, disinfection is carried out twice a day - before they open and after they close. Citizens who previously visited Italy, South Korea, the People's Republic of China, Afghanistan, Iran and arrived in Tajikistan are being tested for coronavirus.

At the Ulema Council of the Islamic Center in Tajikistan on March 4, 2020, a decision was made to refrain from congregational prayer in all mosques. The Council informs that only prayer for the dead is allowed.

On March 19, it is reported that mosques will be reopened in Tajikistan for collective prayers by citizens. The press secretary of the Committee for Religious Affairs, Afshin Mukim, reported that disinfection and preventive work was carried out in the mosques, so the authorities allowed the holding of collective jamat prayers.

The disinfection of mosques was carried out by the religious associations themselves, so the Council of Ulema and the Committee on ensuring all conditions in the country allowed collective prayers. The spokesman urges citizens to strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene during jamat prayers. Only one case of coronavirus infection has been registered in Tajikistan. Despite this, the authorities are taking strict measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

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