The situation with the new coronavirus in the United States

The coronovirus pandemic has begun in the world. Thousands of people are in isolation, in a number of countries a two-week quarantine has been introduced. People have no idea what they are facing, which causes panic. Products in stores are bought up instantly, and protective masks cannot be found in a pharmacy. In America, self-isolation has also been introduced due to the rapid spread of infection.

Who was the first infected in the US

The situation with the new coronavirus in the United States

Coronovirus infection 2019 ncov is a dangerous type of infection that leads to complications in the future. Covid-19 (an alternative name for the virus) can paralyze muscles and lead to pulmonary atrophy. There is no quality treatment for the disease. Most cases heal on their own. It is enough to isolate yourself from society and drink hot tea.

One of the features of the coronovirus is adaptation to the human body. Often, the infected person is unaware that they are ill. The first symptoms appear after 14 days. That is why countries are introducing a regime of self-isolation.

The coronavirus disease reached the United States in early February 2020. It is not known who became the first infected. However, doctors quickly discovered the first person who died from the disease. All that is known about this man is that he was 60 years old. The embassy decided not to disclose detailed information about the deceased and expressed condolences to the family and friends.

How many people are infected with coronavirus in America

Coronavirus in the United States is spreading at a high speed. Over the past few days, the number of cases has doubled. According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in America, there are currently 9345 citizens with suspected infection with covid-19.

The World Health Organization announced the global epidemic on March 11 this year. It is known that 200 thousand people in 150 countries fell ill with the coronovirus, about 8 thousand citizens died. The age of the dead varies from 40 to 80 years.

The situation with the new coronavirus in the United States

How many have died from coronavirus in the US

The Chinese virus has taken over all of America. According to statistics, about 30 people have died. Recently it became known that one of the latest victims of the infection was Gray Fusco, who was 73 years old. The woman's three children also died. First, the 55-year-old son and daughter died, and then another child of the lady died.

Such events lead to panic in society and distrust of relatives. Everyone suspects others that he may be a potential victim of the disease. That is why people lock themselves in their homes and minimize the movement on the streets.

Covid-19 and the response of American society

Donald Trump, President of the United States, said on March 9 that society is overreacting to the coronovirus. According to him, the same number of people die from the common flu every year. However, this does not add to the panic in society. At first, he suggested minimizing the spread of news about the disease.

Over time, it became clear that the COVID-19 outbreak is more dangerous than it seems at first glance. Not surprisingly, on March 13, Trump closed the country's border for 30 days. The exception was the UK, which does not have as many cases of illness as in Europe.  

In addition, the President again recalled his initiative with the construction of the US-Mexico wall. What entertained citizens during the election period can become a reality in today's society. However, the likelihood that such an initiative will be approved by the authorities is low.

Coronavirus in America halted to the fact that a number of schools were closed for quarantine. Examinations for students have been canceled indefinitely. The government sees no problem in this, because the main thing is to protect the health of the younger generation.

The situation with the new coronavirus in the United States

Visits to concert venues, cinemas, museums and other public events are limited in the country. This is done in order to prevent the spread of infection in the state.

Despite the appeals of the President of the country, the people began to worry about their well-being. Most of the population passed tests for coronovirus. Many people minimize their visits to the street. The streets of New York have become especially empty, since most of the infected are located in this city.

Canned food, pasta and cereals are quickly swept away from store shelves. Finding water bottles is virtually impossible. Antiseptics and protective masks are rarely supplied to pharmacies, as the demand for these products has increased too much.

The first case of coronavirus infection in the country did not lead to the issuance of an official instruction to isolate citizens. All initiatives come from residents on a voluntary basis. Surprisingly, one company benefited from the mass panic.

The value of Netflix shares has tripled. This is due to the fact that people stay at home and start looking for ways to entertain themselves. Netflix quickly comes to the rescue and rescues bored citizens.

Surprisingly, in America, because of the coronovirus, the conference on the fight against coronovirus was canceled, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. At the Doing Business Under Coronavirus meeting on March 13, they were supposed to figure out how to do business during the epidemic. The correct answer is: nothing, since nothing could be discussed.

Apple also surprised the citizens. The company had to limit sales of its phones due to the epidemic, which hit the corporation's revenues hard in the current quarter.

The situation with the new coronavirus in the United States

What Americans Say About Coronavirus

America is divided into 2 camps. Some argue that there is nothing dangerous in the disease. This is another “flu” that you don’t need to be afraid of. Especially if you study the statistics: old people (60+ years old) and people who have immunodeficiency die from the disease. In addition, one isolation is enough to recover from the “terrible” coronovirus. As the saying goes, "the devil is not as scary as he is painted."

The second group of people, on the contrary, consider Covid-19 the most dangerous disease in the last 20 years. Some call it the "new plague". The main argument in favor of this theory is the activity on the part of the authorities. If this infection were harmless, the authorities would not close the borders and would not restrict business. After all, isolation and the introduction of a state of emergency in a number of countries is a blow to the economy. Such restrictions and news in the media drive people into a panic.


The medical community is confident that the coronovirus epidemic will end within 2-3 months. This will happen earlier if citizens self-isolate on a voluntary basis. The fewer citizens on the streets, the faster the pandemic will end.

Residents must voluntarily be tested for the virus. In America, in all cities, this procedure is free of charge, the main thing is to make an appointment in advance.

Call an ambulance only when symptoms of the disease appear:

  1. Heat;
  2. Frequent headaches;
  3. Hard breath;
  4. Runny nose.

Coronovirus is a real epidemic that has captured the whole world. Medicines appear, people with good immunity are not in danger. To minimize the chance of infection, you must:

  1. Spend less time on the street and not attend mass events.
  2. Wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitizer.
  3. Do not touch metal and wood products in the city.
  4. Wear a protective mask.

Citizens should take care of their health and not panic.

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