Online map of coronavirus in the world

The situation with the increase in the incidence of a new type of COVID-2019 worries citizens and doctors around the world. A coronavirus map has been created to analyze and control the course of the disease in different regions.  

Distribution of CoViD-19 around the world by date

The first detected cases of the disease were registered on January 10 in 41 people in China.

Until March 20, their total number in the world exceeded 256 thousand.

The situation in the region of the initial detection of coronovirus - China is stabilizing. The diagram shows that in the peak first half of February, from 2 to 15 thousand new infections were recorded. In the second decade of March, from 8 to 45 new cases are detected, and the number of recovered patients is one thousand people a day.

 Ncov 2019 is intensively spreading to other parts of the planet, as evidenced by the interactive coronavirus map:    

  • Italy has still not been able to overcome the peak of the disease. The first cases in the country were registered on January 31. In the second decade of March, from 3 to 6 thousand new patients are registered, the total number exceeded 41 thousand, of which more than 3 thousand were fatal;
  • In France, more than 9 thousand citizens fell ill;
  • In Germany, over 12,000, more than 3,000 of them on March 18;
  • In Spain, almost 14 thousand, of which over 600 deaths.   

The map of the spread of coronavirus indicates the movement of the epicenter of the disease in Asia to Iran, where more than 17 thousand patients with COVID-2019 have already been identified.

There are identified foci in South and North America. In Brazil, 372 patients are registered, in Peru - 145 facts, in the USA - almost 8 thousand. According to the map of coronavirus infection, it can be seen that he reached New Zealand, where 20 infected were found, Africa - 338 patients.

Important! According to official data, as of March 20, 2020, more than 256 thousand infected people were detected in 182 countries, of which over 10 thousand were fatal.  

Projected number of infected population

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization announced that the COVID-2019 infection meets the parameters of a pandemic and requires urgent measures to protect society from further spread.  

The coronavirus monitoring map enables experts in different regions to predict the spread and treatment of Ncov 2019 in the world and different regions. According to the forecast of specialists from the German Koch Institute, the virus will spread in waves. Over several years, up to 60-70% of the population can become infected with a mortality rate of 2 to 3%.

Online map of coronavirus in the world

Important! Based on an analysis of the progress of COVID-2019 in the world and other information, scientists at the English Imperial College insist on the need for self-isolation and strict quarantine. Otherwise, outbreaks of infection could be repeated and lead to the death of up to a quarter of a million people on Earth.   

Recommended sources of information

To successfully combat the disease, citizens are required to strictly observe hygiene, prevention and adherence to WHO recommendations. From medical specialists - the search for an effective vaccine and its competent use for sick and healthy people.

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