The situation in Canada with the new coronavirus

The 2019-nCoV virus is actively spreading around the world. Canada is no exception. At the end of January, additional measures were taken in this country to combat the spread of the disease.

 The number of infected, dead and recovered in Canada

The Chinese virus arrived in Canada for the first time on January 29. The disease was found in a man who flew in from Egypt.

The situation in Canada with the new coronavirus

On February 24, the tenth case of infection was detected in the country. The Ministry of Health reports that after arriving in Canada from Toronto, the woman immediately turned to the doctors with a severe cough. Coronavirus was determined after testing. The doctors sent the patient home, where she must ensure complete self-isolation. Previously, 6 cases of infection were detected in British Columbia.

The first coronavirus death was reported in Canada on March 9, according to media reports. The disease was discovered in an elderly man who lived in a nursing home. All the guests and employees were examined, as a result of which the disease was detected in two more people.

On March 16, the media reported that in Ottawa, the capital of the country, and the province of Ontario adjoining it, more than 140 cases of coronavirus infection were detected. Over the past day in Ontario, the number of infected people has increased by 39 people. These are the largest numbers per day in the country. In the capital at this time there were 10 infected with coronavirus. According to the information provided by health services, a total of 142 cases of infection have been registered in Ontario.

In Montreal, Quebec, doctors were visited by people with symptoms of acute respiratory diseases. After testing, coronavirus was detected in 39 people. Approximately 1,200 people are under suspicion in the region. 1900 people applied for help, the tests of which gave negative results.

IMPORTANT! In the province of Quebec, at the request of Prime Minister F. Lego, bars, gyms, cinemas and ski resorts were closed.

The situation in Canada with the new coronavirus

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has tested positive for the coronavirus. The couple have been quarantined. As of March 16, there were 200 cases of infection in the country.

As of March 19, there are 772 cases of coronavirus infection in the country, 9 of them are fatal. More than 55,000 people have been tested for coronavirus in Canada.

 Protective measures in the country

As the coronavirus spreads rapidly in Canada, the Chief Medical Officer is urging residents to take steps to prevent its spread. Teresa Tam is asking people to stop traveling and staying in crowded places. If a person has returned from abroad, he is advised to self-isolate for 14 days. The specialist claims that cases of coronavirus infection in Canada are associated with foreign travel.

On March 16, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the closure of borders due to the spread of the coronavirus. He claims that only Canadian citizens and people/who have permanent residence in the country can enter the country. A government official claims that a person with symptoms of an acute respiratory disease will not be able to board a plane that will fly to Canada.

On March 13, the Parliament of Canada stopped its work due to the spread of the coronavirus.

The situation in Canada with the new coronavirus

Is there panic on the streets?

Canada has heard about the Chinese virus since January 2020. The people of the country are taking the spread of the coronavirus seriously. They purchase personal hygiene items and food with a long shelf life. In small towns, residents are not often seen wearing masks. But they don't go outside. Disinfectants can be used anywhere in the country.

Montreal has been quarantined until March 27. Residents of the country are strictly forbidden to go outside. Grocery stores are operating as normal. But, in them it is very rare to meet buyers. Antibacterial agents and medical masks are very difficult to find in Canadian pharmacies. But, on the streets of the country, these funds are distributed by special people for free.

All educational institutions in the country are closed. If their parents are forced to stay at home, the country's authorities pay benefits. The local government is compensating organizations and the self-employed as places of entertainment, bars, restaurants and other establishments are closed.

The situation in Canada with the new coronavirus

Due to the spread of coronavirus in the country, gasoline prices fell by 25 percent. The pandemic does not cause much panic among local residents. In multi-apartment buildings, entrances are constantly washed and disinfected.

If we evaluate the percentage of incidence of the total number of residents of Canada, we can conclude that the virus in this country is spreading rapidly. That is why the authorities are asking to strictly observe all precautionary measures.

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