Coronavirus is already in Russia

The active spread of the coronavirus scares not only Asian doctors, but also doctors around the world. This is quite justified, because the infection is gradually beginning to penetrate into other countries. The Ministry of Health of Buryatia has officially acknowledged that there is already one person who has been hospitalized with a suspicion of this diagnosis.

History of the 2019-nCoV virus

News about the coronavirus flew around the world on December 31 last year. It was on this day that China reported that an unknown pneumonia had appeared. While she was only in one city, but the pathogen was of a new type, and it was difficult to deal with it. At the moment, there are several distinguishing features of the virus:

  1. Source of origin - wild animals.
  2. The disease is rapidly transmitted between patients.
  3. There is an active distribution between countries.

Currently, there is a suspicion that people become infected through the mucous membrane. Therefore, it is recommended to wear safety glasses and wash your hands more often, avoiding contact with your eyes and mouth.

Coronavirus infection in Russia

The traveler became the first patient in Russia. The man often visited Asian countries and relatively recently returned from Ulan-Ude. In connection with his movements, it was concluded that the man fell ill on 21 January.

Currently, doctors are actively involved in the examination and treatment of the patient. Coronavirus is listed only as a suspicion. At the moment, all tests have been taken and sent to professional laboratories in Novosibirsk. The results about him should come on the 27th, after which there will be an official conclusion.

Cases of coronavirus infection in Russia

This is not the only case of the disease in Russia. In St. Petersburg, among the passengers who arrived from Shanghai, 2 people were hospitalized. One of them is a Chinese citizen. His diagnosis was not confirmed, and the patient has already been discharged. The second hospitalized is a citizen of Russia. At the moment, studies are being carried out and the patient's analyzes are carefully checked.

The reason for hospitalization is an increase in temperature above 38 degrees in passengers who return from any Chinese city. The main problem is that there are no single symptoms. Only temperature, fever, as well as mucosal irritation and signs of pneumonia are indicated.

At the moment there are no serious signs for panic. In Russia, a small number of cases. However, additional personal protection measures must be taken. In particular, try not to visit crowded places, do not contact those who have recently arrived from China, and try to strengthen your immunity. For more information on coronavirus prevention, please visit our website.

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