What is the danger of Chinese coronavirus

The whole world is only talking about the terrible coronavirus that came to the Chinese province. The number of cases is growing exponentially, and there are no methods of treatment. Why has the new Coronavirus from China attracted so much attention? Why is he dangerous? After all, before that there was Ebola, bird flu and other equally dangerous diseases. Let's try to figure it out.

What is known about him

More than 30 varieties of the disease are known in nature. Basically, they circulate, being transmitted from animal to animal. But there are types that can be transmitted to humans. But, as a rule, until now they have been of a mild nature of the course of the state.  

But, in the past, the world knows two terrible diseases: atypical pneumonia - SARS, respiratory syndrome - MERS. And now - 2019-nCoV - a deadly virus. The third variety of the disease seems to be less terrible, but only for now. The danger of the disease is the destruction of lung tissue, which can lead to respiratory failure. And why everything originated in China is understandable. High population density, close contacts with animals, some dietary traditions leave no chance.  

Why the virus is so contagious: the dynamics of infections

The disease belongs to the group of respiratory infections. Ways of transmission - airborne. This infection is not for everyone. There are people who remain only carriers or get sick in a mild form. And there are those who can die from it. And the bottom line is this: it is dangerous for the elderly, for those whose immunity is undermined as a result of any reasons, as well as for people who suffer from chronic diseases. It is not dangerous for children. In the world, there are several cases of children infected with the virus. The prognosis for the treatment of children is favorable.

Attention! The virus is able to suppress the human respiratory system. This in turn leads to the development of severe pneumonia. After all, pneumonia of a viral nature is difficult to treat. Antibacterial therapy does not particularly affect viral diseases.  

How dangerous is the coronavirus from China: mortality

The danger lies in the fact that not everyone is afraid of him. Therefore, when symptoms occur, they do not go to the hospital, but continue to live their usual lives: they visit entertainment establishments, travel, go to work, infecting everyone else. But after all, if for one it is a slight cold, then for another, it is, excuse me, death.  

Advice! If you experience cold symptoms, stay at home, and if your condition worsens, call an ambulance. You don't have to walk anywhere with your feet. Don't put other people at risk.  

How the disease progresses

The disease has its own incubation period. Most often, symptoms appear after two weeks. But all this time a person is able to infect others. During this period, no one observes any symptoms of the disease, and it is impossible to recognize it by laboratory methods.  

Symptoms familiar to viral diseases - flu, acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, the common cold. Here are some signs:

  • Perspiration and pain in the throat;
  • Pain in joints and muscles;
  • Temperature increase. But this is not always the case;
  • The development of rhinitis;

With a mild form, you can be in home quarantine, gradually with symptomatic treatment, the disease will come to naught.

But under the conditions described above, the disease takes on a complicated character: fever does not go astray, does not subside for about a week, a severe continuous cough, to which shortness of breath joins. The pressure decreases, there is a weakened state of the body. With such signs, there is a danger of unknown pneumonia. With such signs, you need to call an ambulance. It is not possible to cope with the disease on your own. Sometimes it comes down to resuscitation. But this is in especially advanced cases.

Good to know! There are preventive measures. They are similar to those that are inherent in all diseases of a viral nature: exclude contacts in crowded places, do not communicate with sick people, often ventilate rooms, and maintain hygiene.

In addition, in connection with cases of infection around the world, some more preventive measures should be included: refrain from travel, travel, business trips abroad, carefully process fruits, vegetables, herbs, refrain from orders in foreign online stores, wear and often change disposable masks. 

In this sense, surface treatment with a disinfectant solution helps. Wash your hands often, wipe gadgets. Although this is not a very effective measure, it can prevent the spread of the disease. With an outbreak, it will also help that you do not need to leave the house without special need.    

Why is the new coronavirus from China dangerous: what causes death

The virus is capable of mutation, and quickly. That is why it is so difficult to develop a vaccine against it. Now many countries are working on the problem of developing a vaccine. Russia is also working in this direction.

Coronavirus death is caused by lung suppression resulting in shortness of breath, a dry, continuous cough. Therefore, in such cases, they are connected to the ventilation system. It all depends on the inner readiness of the person himself to meet the disease. If you have chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, anemia, low immunity, it will be difficult to cope. Everything can end in death.  

Another problem is the lack of a vaccine against such an infection. In the case of a severe course, doctors provide only symptomatic relief treatment.  

But the prognosis for the illness is good. Most of the sick people were able to overcome the coronavirus. Doctors and scientists say that this disease is no worse for a person than the flu, from which more than one hundred people die every year. And mankind knows many cases when, as a result of the flu, a patient developed complications.  

The mysteries of the spread and emergence of the disease have yet to be explored. This will take a lot of time. For example, the cause of the disease is still unknown. All the hypotheses put forward earlier failed.  

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