Can the coronavirus outbreak be beneficial to anyone?

At the end of December 2019, the whole world learned about a new type of virus that claims the lives of people. The first infected citizens were residents of the city of Wuhan, which is located in China. COVID 19 at lightning speed began to spread to other countries. Italy and the US have been hardest hit. On the territory of these states, mass deaths from coronavirus are observed. Scientists cannot accurately determine the source of the initial infection. Rumors are flying around the Internet that the virus was created artificially. Who can benefit from the coronavirus in China?

It is beneficial for the leading economies of the world

Beneficial epidemic in China, may be pharmaceutical companies that sell antiviral drugs. The population around the world raises a panic and buys up all the drugs that are used for prevention. Experts cite statistics.

 ConnectiveRx received about $300 million in a week. The firm is an intermediary between pharmaceutical companies and patients. Drug makers Nurix and Kymera have earned about $100 million.

Many firms also made a fortune on drugs. In an epidemic, people feel vulnerable, so they are ready to spend a lot of money on prevention. The virus began its spread from China. After the mass infection, an enhanced quarantine regime was introduced in the city. Many production facilities have suspended their work, which has led to the loss of funds and the deterioration of the economy in the country.

Following China, enterprises and factories around the world began to close. Some experts believe that the hype around the coronavirus was created specifically to distract citizens from economic problems. With the advent of the coronavirus, the ruble further weakened its position on the economic exchange. The attention of people around the world is riveted to a new type of virus, so they do not see the global economic crisis, and those who made a fortune on it.

Soros Foundation: is it included in his concept of understanding the world.

The Soros Foundation is an organization created by financier George Soros. It is engaged in investing money in science and advanced technologies.

George was born in Budapest, so he allocated $ 1 million in the Hungarian capital to fight the coronavirus infection.

The virus has complicated interactions between different countries. One of the most significant events of the pandemic is the temporary closure of the Soros Foundation.

Who benefits from inflating hysteria around the coronavirus

The hysteria around the Chinese virus is artificial. The coronavirus outbreak keeps the entire financial market in suspense. The hype around the coronavirus may be beneficial to local authorities inside China for the right to implement their political programs after the collapse of the economy. Almost every hour, news on the topic “2019 ncov virus” appears in the media, which increasingly fuels the interest of readers. Inflating the coronavirus in China, the media provoked a mass panic.

The US government constantly accuses China of manipulating the yuan. Chinese goods are competitive in the west. Their cost is not overstated, they can be produced on a large scale. There is a theory that a pandemic in China will weaken the production of goods and lead to the self-elimination of a strong competitor in many industries. At this time, other states will be able to increase the demand for their products. To understand who benefited from the virus, you need to take into account the data of the countries that were most affected by the virus. China is a manufacturer of many goods that are sold all over the world. The US can compete with the economy in China.

There is a theory that talks about the involvement of Donald Trump in the creation of an artificial virus. According to experts, these weapons of mass destruction were created to remove the main rival - China, from the world economic arena.

 In the past, Trump owned the Miss Universe beauty pageants. The winning girl received the crown. There is a theory that the virus got its name in honor of this headgear. Coronavirus in its genotype has a similar structure to HIV. According to some scientists, it cannot arise without human intervention. There is a theory about pharmaceutical companies that wanted to make a fortune. Drugs for a virus without epidemics are not in great demand, and are stale on the shelves. The flu and the virus are weapons of mass destruction that not only infect many people, but also generate income.

Why is the media massively spreading about the new virus.

Since the beginning of March, news about the coronavirus has become relevant on TV channels and on the Internet. All popular TV channels and newspapers are trying to get the information first. Around the topic of the virus, a lot of excitement has been created. People are interested in all the details that are related to COVID 19. The media always hangs on topics that are at the peak of popularity.

If you remember the main task of the media is to attract a large number of audiences. Probably, there is no person left in the world who is interested in the topic of coronavirus. This disease has claimed more than 20 thousand lives worldwide, and continues to do so every day. People are not interested in other news now, so screenwriters and journalists are collecting material for publication on the topic of coronavirus.

Local media fuel artificial interest in a painful topic. Newspapers with topics about the coronavirus are in greater demand than publications that publish other news. The media is spreading massively about the coronavirus because it benefits them. By getting breaking news first, you can increase the percentage of your audience. The frantic pace of news release is facilitated by the demand of the population who want to know the truth.

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