Forced measures: how China buries those who died from coronavirus

Pneumonia associated with the Chinese COVID-19 coronavirus continues its “march” around the world. The number of infected and dead is growing. What to do with bodies? How to prevent the spread of "plague 2020"? We will find out how things are in China, the state that was the source of the infection.

Burial of coronavirus victims in China

The number of deaths in China from a viral infection is already in the thousands. The authorities decided to close the borders of the state for foreigners and local residents.

“Through the streets of Chinese cities, people without masks are tracked by special aircraft. The drone flies up to the person and offers to change the situation. If this does not happen, then the drone sends a signal to the patrol service, which quickly responds and leaves for the place.”

The Chinese authorities have adopted a directive according to which it is forbidden to bury and arrange a memorial service for those who have died from the coronavirus. According to the introduced rules, the bodies of the dead are burned in crematoria specially designated for this purpose. Moreover, cremation must be carried out within the administrative district in which the person died. Transportation to another province or administrative division is prohibited.

The body of the deceased from a viral infection is first of all disinfected, then placed in a sealed bag and taken away for cremation. Do not open the package after sealing! Mandatory measures include the disinfection of the premises in which the person was before his death. The transportation of the body of an infected patient must be carried out by a special service of the funeral home, and the route itself must be carried out according to the established plan. After cremation, the ashes are placed in a sealed capsule and handed over to relatives.

“Traditional farewell to the deceased and various ritual events are strictly prohibited!”

Such seemingly unprecedented measures are fully justified, especially in the face of the growing threat of the spread of the epidemic and given that thousands of people have already died from a viral infection in the country.

“According to the latest statistics as of February 13, 2020. the number of infected in the country has reached 80813 people, and the number of deaths - 3176.

In addition, the authorities of some provinces have introduced a temporary ban on weddings and other public events. For non-compliance with the established rules and obstruction of the actions of medical workers, administrative and other penalties are provided. So patients with a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus and refused hospitalization can be taken into custody.

The situation in the crematoria

Crematoriums in China are working at full capacity. The employees of this service sector themselves claim that the workload has increased significantly and it is becoming difficult to fulfill their duties. You have to work without days off and almost without breaks.

Videos have been posted on social media showing how China is burying the dead from the coronavirus. A record made in the hospital was also made public, showing the bodies of patients “waiting” for their turn to be transported to be burned in a crematorium.

Employees of ritual services are forced to constantly walk around in special masks and overalls, as they are not told what the person died from: from the coronavirus, or for another reason. And to protect yourself from infection, you have to constantly wear a protective suit. For the same reason, workers refrain from eating for several hours.

Are they cremated in other countries too?

Things are not going well in other states. Of course, such emergency measures as in China have not yet been taken, but everything can be. In most countries, the bodies of people who have died from the coronavirus are buried in closed coffins. The authorities urge the population to refrain from organizing ritual ceremonies.

In Ireland, victims of viral COVID-19 are recommended to be cremated, or immediately taken to the cemetery for burial in a sealed coffin, and the farewell event with relatives to be postponed. It becomes difficult to bury infected people in Spain, as funeral services refuse to provide services to the relatives of the deceased. In Japan, mourning ceremonies are limited to burning incense. People come to say goodbye to the deceased in special masks and stand at a respectful distance from each other.

Creepy news from Italy

Italy has become the second country in the number of people infected with coronavirus. As of March 13, 2020 the number of infected was 12462, and the deaths - 827. A state of emergency was introduced in the country and quarantine was declared. Residents are advised to stay at home and not leave their apartments or houses. According to one of the residents, hospitals in cities and towns are overcrowded with patients.

The authorities strongly advise residents to refuse to attend public events and work. Going to public places is also not recommended. Bars and restaurants in the country are open, but indoor access is limited by the number of customers, locals say. People should be at a respectful distance from each other, at least 1 meter, so several people who want to eat are allowed to enter. For violation of the rules, the owner faces a hefty fine.

The rules for burying those who died from coronavirus in the country have not yet been fully developed, so terrible events are taking place, as with a famous actor in Italy. L. Franzese's sister died of COVID-19 infection in the house, and for almost 2 days he was not given permission to transport the body to the morgue. The actor called several funeral homes, but was refused everywhere. The relative suffered from epilepsy, so she was tested for the presence of the virus only after death. From Saturday to Monday, the body was in the house.

According to the official in charge, the confusion occurred due to the fact that the coronavirus patient died outside the hospital. Only on Monday, a command was given and special employees in protective suits were sent to carry out disinfection and transport the deceased to the morgue. Relatives were quarantined and the actor could not see his sister on her last journey.

An investigation has been launched into similar cases in other provinces of Italy.

Despite the fact that the epidemic continues to spread, the number of cured is growing. And it pleases. A positive attitude, not panic, should now be in the minds of people.

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