Lists of deaths from the new coronavirus

The coronavirus was first reported in China in December 2019. The disease is dangerous mass distribution. That is why the Ministry of Health declared a pandemic on March 10, 2020.

China releases reports of victims

As of March 19, the infection has been reported in 72 countries. The genotype of the infection reminded doctors of the already known two coronaviruses.

In 2002, one of the genotypes of the coronavirus caused the development of SARS, in 2012 - the Middle East respiratory syndrome. This information was provided by G. Onishchenko, Deputy Committee for Education and Science. The clinical picture of coronavirus is similar to acute respiratory syndrome and atypical pneumonia.

The list of victims of pneumonia in 2002 was 10 percent of the total number of patients. An acute respiratory infection took the life of every third patient. At the beginning of the year, Onishchenko argued that the virus was spreading slowly and that the death toll from the coronavirus was small. But, by the end of March, the situation changed dramatically.

Are coronavirus death registries maintained in other countries?

In Hong Kong, registers of infected and dead are maintained, which allows doctors to examine the history of the disease. Japanese doctors managed to establish that after recovery, people still have problems with their lungs. Most recovered Japanese citizens complain of shortness of breath when walking.

The National Institutes of Health in the United States, based on the data provided, conducted studies that the virus can live for a long time on the surface of various materials. More than 6 hours on steel, more than 5 hours on stainless steel, less than an hour on copper.

Epicrises in Japan allow scientists to develop an effective medicine in the fight against the disease. One of the Japanese pharmaceutical companies began developing drugs against the virus from blood plasma. In order to speed up the study, the organization seeks help from its partners from European countries, the United States of America, and Asia.

More than 143,000 coronavirus studies have been conducted in the Russian Federation. Important information was provided to the researchers by the epicrises of the dead.

Why are epicrises of victims made?

The list of deaths from coronavirus was provided by experts from the People's Republic of China, which ensured the openness of epidemiological information. The names of people who died from coronavirus have been officially published, which provides an opportunity for doctors to obtain the necessary information about the course of the disease and the effectiveness of therapeutic methods. Epicrisis allows you to determine the age category, which is at risk of developing the disease.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences issued a list of dead people, as well as a list of coronaviruses and decoding of their genomes. The list consists of 39 viruses and their full descriptions, genetic features. This is important information that helps you understand why viruses mutate, identify the changes and the associated consequences. Providing lists provides an opportunity to make forecasts, as well as to develop effective vaccines and drugs.

The first list of people who died from coronavirus includes 24 epicrises. Scientists studied and analyzed the case histories, which allowed them to draw certain conclusions. When the body of the virus is affected, patients complain of muscle pain, weakness and fatigue even when doing their usual activities. The disease is accompanied by cough and fever. After seeking medical help, the death was after 7-20 days. The first list of deaths from coronavirus provides information that 7 cases of the disease were not accompanied by fever. Therefore, scientists have some difficulties in studying the history of the disease.

The researchers found that the virus is transmitted by contact and airborne droplets during sneezing and coughing. With untimely treatment of the disease, the development of otitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, sepsis is observed. In adults, complications are manifested by myocarditis - inflammation of the heart muscle, and in children - a violation of the gastrointestinal tract. To avoid contracting the coronavirus, people are advised to wear medical masks, wash their hands frequently with soap and water, avoid close contact with people, and avoid attending public events.

Scientists have found that coronavirus is the causative agent of an acute respiratory viral disease, which is accompanied by severe intoxication of the body, malfunctions of the respiratory and digestive systems. Thanks to the list of the dead and the history of their illness, in many countries it was possible to establish the genotype of the pathogen, which will simplify the task of developing a vaccine and drugs.

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