Symptoms and treatment of the new Chinese coronavirus

The planet was overtaken by a terrible epidemic. A new virus has emerged that causes a deadly disease. The world is in a panic, every day there is information about new cases, it is not possible to cure some patients. They are dying. It's about the coronavirus. We will find out in more detail what it is, what danger it carries, and whether a treatment method has been found.

What is coronavirus

Scientists have known about coronaviruses for a long time. One of the species was first discovered in 1965. But until recently, coronaviruses did not cause concern, as they affected only animals.

In the early 2000s, the world was faced with a new disease that was caused by one of the types of such viruses - SARS. The epidemic has been avoided. But even then, more than 700 people died.

The end of 2019 brought sad events. A virus discovered in China has proved to be deadly. It also causes pneumonia, it is not possible to save all the sick people.

The world follows the news and is amazed at the lightning-fast spread of the coronavirus. Each new day carries information about the countries where the disease manifested itself.

The unusual name of the virus was due to its structure. It looks like the solar corona. At the moment, it is believed that bats and reptiles have become carriers of the new strain.

Differences of the new Chinese coronavirus COVID-19

The 2020 coronavirus has some differences from previous strains. It primarily affects the human respiratory system. It has already been proven that this is a completely new species, and not a mutation.

It is noted that the disease can manifest itself both in the form of moderate severity, and in an extremely severe form, when the disease ends in death.

The name COVID-19 is used all over the world except China. Note that this is the name of the disease that has already arisen, and not the coronavirus itself.

Since a new type of virus has appeared, no one on Earth has immunity to it. Therein lies the danger. Anyone can get sick, regardless of race, place of residence and status. Coronavirus does not choose.

The main symptom indicating the onset of the disease is an increase in body temperature. The thermometer is over 39 degrees. The indicator of high temperature becomes a reason for isolating the patient from society.

Symptoms of coronavirus from China in humans

Signs that are characteristic of the disease will help to start treatment on time. This means that the risk of death is significantly reduced. Therefore, it is important to know the main symptoms in a person that indicate the onset of the disease. Let's list them:

  1. Sudden increase in body temperature.
  2. A strong, dry cough develops.
  3. Fever, shortness of breath begins.
  4. There is a sharp headache, pain in the muscles.
  5. Some patients complained of vomiting, diarrhea.
  6. My throat starts to hurt.
  7. The heart beats fast.

Also, people infected with the coronavirus experienced apathy, lethargy, drowsiness, chest tightness.

Symptoms are typical for both children and adults. To date, it has been established that the disease is susceptible to:

  • people with weakened immune systems;
  • pregnant women;
  • elderly people;
  • people with problems with the cardiovascular system.

It should be noted that at the end of January, an infected boy was taken out. The disease proceeded without characteristic symptoms. Nevertheless, he was sick and was a carrier of the coronavirus, which means he was a danger to others.

Methods for diagnosing the disease

In order to prevent the spread of a dangerous virus, it was necessary to master the methods of recognizing the disease at an early stage. Action would allow to isolate infected people from healthy ones. These express methods are:

  1. Measurement of body temperature. The method was applied at airports, bus stations, customs points. People who had an elevated body temperature were sent to quarantine.
  2. Laboratory research.

Doctors, examining a person who has come with complaints, must find out whether he visited China or in which countries he was recently.

All those admitted with complaints of malaise for the diagnosis of coronavirus must pass a general blood and urine test. Serum C-reactive protein levels are also being tested.

The patient is taken an ECG and computed tomography of the lungs to detect respiratory and heart failure, to prevent the development of pneumonia.

Patients with COVID-19 are immediately admitted to the clinic. Patients are kept in separate rooms to prevent the spread of infection.

Have they found a cure for the new coronavirus?

A deadly virus is dangerous for the life of the entire planet. It is important to find effective treatments as soon as possible.

To date, treatment is carried out in the following way:

  1. Apply etiotropic therapy. That is, the patient is prescribed drugs that have a detrimental effect on the causative agent of the disease.
  2. Carry out therapy aimed at maintaining the normal functioning of all internal organs and systems.
  3. Symptomatic therapy is used: they bring down the fever, eliminate the runny nose, fever, shortness of breath, etc.

All drugs that are trying to treat COVID-19 are potent. It is forbidden to take them without a doctor's prescription.

Meanwhile, China has developed a successful treatment for pneumonia. Namely, it is the cause of deaths. The method consists in the fact that the patient is connected to an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation apparatus. The condition of patients is gradually stabilizing, and they are on the mend.

The technique was first applied to an elderly man. Conventional treatment did not work. The man died from developing pneumonia. Now difficult patients can be saved.

The technique is successfully used in clinics in Wuhan, where COVID-19 was first detected. The experience was adopted by doctors from other countries.

There are currently no specific drugs in the world that are aimed at destroying the coronavirus. There is also no vaccine that could serve as a preventive measure.

Consequences of the coronavirus

The number of countries in which cases of infection with a deadly virus are recorded is increasing every day. But, fortunately, not all patients die. Most patients can be saved.

It is extremely important to detect diseases in the early stages. This significantly reduces the risk of developing pneumonia, and therefore death.

However, doctors say about 10% of deaths as a result of infection. In case of successful treatment, the patient is discharged from the clinic home. It is not clear whether immunity is developed in those who have recovered from the coronavirus or whether re-infection is possible.

Doctors recommend taking precautions for all people without exception, regardless of whether there was an infection or not.

The statistics show what has been recorded:

  1. More than 128 thousand cases of infections in the world. More than 2,000 people are infected per day.
  2. There have been 4,700 deaths (worldwide). 90 patients die every day.
  3. The number of recovered exceeded 68 thousand. More than 100 patients are discharged home every day.

We can say that everything is not so bad. It is important not to panic and take precautions.


Epidemiologists have found a method to contain the spread of infection. First of all, these are preventive measures. Let's list them:

  • personal hygiene;
  • use of gauze masks;
  • restriction on being in crowded places;
  • restriction of movement across the border;
  • timely seeking medical help in case of malaise;
  • ventilation of living and working premises.

Precautions will help avoid infection. In addition, the authorities are also taking a number of actions to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. States close borders, examine people who have arrived in the country, and organize preventive examinations of residents. All these measures are aimed at eliminating the epidemic. Unfortunately, this is still not enough. The number of sick people continues to grow every day.

Thus, we found out that a new strain of coronavirus has been identified. It can be deadly. Special drugs for the treatment of the disease have not been created in the same way as vaccines. Preventive measures will help to avoid infection. The main thing is not to panic. Timely treatment gives good results. Be vigilant and if you feel unwell, contact your doctor immediately.

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