Coronavirus causes an acute illness of the respiratory system. Of particular danger is the new strain of the virus 2019 ncov.
Pneumonia associated with the Chinese COVID-19 coronavirus continues its “march” around the world. The number of people infected and
The coronavirus is taking the lives of thousands of people across the planet. More susceptible to death are people in
The World Health Organization was founded in 1948 and is headquartered in Geneva. The main function is the decision
Regular news reports about the spread of the coronavirus around the world disturb people and make them
The outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic has caused excitement not only in the field of medicine, but has not weakly shaken
For the past 3 months, the Chinese virus has been actively discussed in the media. And surprisingly, for this
While in China the life of the population is returning to normal, in Europe every day
SARS is a disease whose first outbreaks were reported in China in 2002. 
Today, the whole world is in panic: people are infected with a new type of virus. The course of the disease is very similar.
At the end of 2019, the media began to actively disseminate information that in Chinese
Coronaviruses are represented by a family in which there are 40 species that can infect people, households and
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