Why did the doctor treating the new coronavirus die?

At the end of 2019, the media began to actively circulate information that an epidemic had begun in the Chinese city of Wuhan, associated with the spread of a previously unknown virus that caused a complication in the form of serious pneumonia.

Initially, the Chinese authorities tried to hide information about this problem, but one of the doctors who worked from the very beginning of the epidemic in Wuhan spoke about its real extent and the risks of the disease for people. A few days ago, news broke that a doctor had died from the coronavirus. That doctor was Li Wenliang, who was the first health worker to tell the truth about the virus, its symptoms, and the complications it causes.  

Why did the doctor treating the new coronavirus die?

Doctor who treated patients in Wuhan dies

In China, the doctor Li Wenliang, who was one of the first to tell the world about the emergence of a new dangerous virus and the beginning of a real epidemic, died. A doctor treating people from coronavirus in Wuhan died on the night of February 6-7, while in the intensive care unit of a local hospital.

The doctor died as a result of pneumonia, which arose as a complication after contracting a coronavirus. This information was confirmed by the management of the hospital where the doctor worked. Some media even a day before the official announcement of the death of a doctor reported his death. But the medical institution then categorically denied this news, stating that Wenliang was alive, although he was in critical condition.

A few days before the new year 2020, the doctor tried to warn humanity about the danger posed by the coronavirus. Initially, the doctor published on social networks news about the beginning of the SARS epidemic. He did not know then that this was not about SARS (SARS), but about a completely new virus that had symptoms and complications similar to SARS. Wenlian's videos began to actively circulate on the Internet even before the start of mass panic in China.

Why did the doctor treating the new coronavirus die?

The first symptoms of coronavirus infection appeared in Wenlian on the morning of January 11. The doctor informed readers on his Internet blog that he had begun to cough and that he had a fever. Wenlian published his last blog post in early February. He wrote that the tests confirmed the fact of infection with coronavirus.

“The news about the infection of a doctor with a new virus not only increased the panic among the population, but also forced the Chinese authorities to act more actively to effectively combat the new deadly virus.”

Other cases of infection with a new coronavirus among doctors

It should be understood that doctors are at risk of contracting a new virus because they are constantly in contact with already infected people. Therefore, information is increasingly appearing in the media about infection by doctors with this disease. Such news comes not only from China, but also from other countries of the world.

True, the most violent reaction on the network among users was caused by the news that the head physician of a hospital in Wuhan fell ill with the coronavirus. This news was confirmed by representatives of the Ministry of Health of China. The head of one of the hospitals in Wuhan is in a satisfactory condition and is actively recovering.

Why did the doctor treating the new coronavirus die?

The relatively mild form of the disease in a physician is due not only to his strong immune system, but also to the fact that he is under 60 years of age. Older people are the main victims of the coronavirus. As for children, adolescents and young people, such people can carry the disease on their feet without any strong symptomatic manifestations associated with the onset of an active inflammatory process in the lungs and pneumonia.

“If you have family, friends and acquaintances over 60, try to convince them that they should not visit crowded places unnecessarily, which will help minimize the likelihood of them getting a new virus that comes from China.”

How doctors ensure their safety

Doctors are ordinary people. Their body does not have additional protection against coronavirus. They are forced, like other people, to use masks, avoid crowded places, wash their hands thoroughly with soap and use special disinfectant liquids.

Doctors also advise against shaking hands, hugs and kisses. Following these simple rules will help minimize the chances of contracting COVID-19. Adhere to basic hygiene, avoid crowded places and refuse bodily contact with people, especially strangers.

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