Did psychics foresee the 2020 pandemic? Clairvoyant predictions

The coronavirus epidemic is sweeping the planet at a rapid pace. There are practically no countries left where cases of infection have not been registered. Such a large-scale event simply could not be ignored by psychics. They are already making their predictions or claiming that they have long known about the coming misfortune. What do people who consider themselves clairvoyant say about the events?

Billions will be infected

Vlad Ross, a psychic and astrologer, assures that he has long known that humanity is waiting for a new test. In 2019, he predicted that an epidemic would begin, with China as its epicenter. He made his prediction based on the fact that in 2020 there was a merger of Saturn and Pluto, the most sinister planets in the solar system, the conjunction of which is always associated with mass death of people. Moreover, the merger took place in the constellation of Capricorn, which patronizes China.

Ross could not understand exactly what events would take place in the Middle Kingdom. At first, he believed that a financial crisis would begin in the world. But after the pandemic began, he realized what the stars foreshadowed. The astrologer believes that the virus will spread around the world like a Spanish flu that killed several million people. Ross is confident that the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak could have been much worse if not for the prompt actions of the Chinese authorities. After all, the stars only hint at a certain development of events and much depends on the actions of people.

Psychic Ziraddin Rzayev believes that most of the deaths will occur outside of Russia. In his opinion, Russia is fighting the epidemic more effectively than Europe and China. Ziraddin is confident that the coronavirus will gradually be forgotten in the summer, as a cure for the disease it causes will be found. The psychic also assures that he had long foreseen current events, in particular, he managed to predict that in the fall a new virus would arise that would force people around the world to wear masks.

Rzayev also has his own opinion about the origin of the virus. He believes that he did not appear in China, but in the West, where experiments with genetically modified organisms are actively being carried out. Information about why the epidemic began in the East did not come to Ziraddin.

Astrologers believe that events changed for the better after February 23, when the combined influence of Pluto and Saturn on our planet weakened.

The number of deaths will be in the millions

Kazhetta Akhmetzhanova, a participant in the Battle of Psychics program, said that the pandemic would practically not affect Russia, but other countries would suffer greatly due to the coronavirus, which would claim millions of lives. The first part of Cajetta's prediction has not come true: in Russia, the number of infected people is already more than 150, and new cases are registered every day. Whether millions of people will actually die as a result of the pandemic is anyone's guess.

Cajetta believes that the cause of the pandemic was human activity. In her opinion, the uncontrolled deforestation and destruction of animals became the cause of the misfortune. Nature decided to take revenge by creating a new dangerous virus.

Psychic Fatima Khadueva is sure that the virus is a means of controlling human consciousness. It changes the program of behavior, making a person susceptible to other people's orders. Coronavirus is a means of zombifying people, turning them into obedient soldiers.

Many psychics say one thing about the epidemic in China: the virus is a punishment for humanity for the irrational use of natural resources.

But Vanga predicted the imminent appearance of the drug

The prophecy about the coronavirus was also found in the Bulgarian fortuneteller Vanga. She said there would come a time when people would drop dead in the streets. True, according to Vanga, Africa, and not China, will become the epicenter of the epidemic, so it was believed that her prediction concerns the Ebola virus.

Vanga argued that a new epidemic would rapidly spread across the planet and it would take at least one year to create a vaccine. Interestingly, according to experts, the development and clinical testing of the vaccine will indeed take at least a year.

The Bulgarian healer said that the disease would not become “new” for humanity. And indeed it is. Until 2019, mankind was aware of a whole group of coronaviruses that infect not only people, but also birds, animals, and even plants. Coronavirus usually causes a common cold, which goes away in 7-10 days without treatment. However, due to the mutation, the virus acquired new properties and "learned" to kill. Therefore, we can say that the seer was not mistaken.

Interestingly, the former gymnast from Bulgaria, Neshka Robeva, published her memoirs about the meeting with Vanga. Shortly before her death, the seer said that sooner or later a crown would appear over the world. Then no one attached importance to her words. And only in 2020, which Vanga called "mirror", the true meaning of her foresight became clear.

The opinion of many psychics about the Chinese coronavirus is that the disease will take many lives, but within a year it will be possible to develop a vaccine or an effective medicine.

About the causes of the epidemic from Salman Salehigudarz

Persian clairvoyant Salman believes that the pandemic was sent to humanity as a punishment for sins. The seer predicts the death of half of humanity from a new disease. It will be possible to stop the disease only if people realize their mistakes and try to correct them. But, since this does not happen, the pandemic continues to spread across the planet.

According to Salman, you should not be afraid of death. After the death of the physical body, the soul returns to a certain place, which is its true home.

Psychics about the virus in China give different predictions. Some say that the epidemic will soon come to naught. Others think that at least half of humanity will perish. It remains to be hoped that only optimistic predictions will come true.

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