Overview of true predictions about the new coronavirus

You will be surprised, but the famous seers predicted the coronavirus epidemic many decades before its spread. People were warned about the trouble, but they did not take the messages seriously and now they are reaping the fruits of their inattention. Modern psychics are making predictions about the future of humanity after the coronavirus. What did the famous clairvoyants of past centuries say about the epidemic and what do the current ones say?

Psychic Predictions About Coronavirus

How often do you hear from skeptics that it is impossible to predict the future? Psychics are ready to argue with such statements. American psychic Sylvia Brown predicted the coronavirus epidemic in 2008. The woman published a book where she announced the spread of a disease similar to pneumonia in the near future. Only 12 years later, people remembered the warning of Sylvia Brown, when the virus had already spread around the world. The psychic also assumed that the disease would suddenly disappear, but after 10 years it would again fall on the inhabitants of the planet. After the second wave of the epidemic, people will forget about the coronavirus forever.

Popular on the Internet psychic Vlad Ross also predicted a terrible epidemic. In 2019, the clairvoyant said that a serious financial crisis would hit China, and then added that the reason for the market drop would be the mass infection of people with an unknown disease.

Participant of the show "Battle of psychics" Fatima Khadueva spoke about the problem of an unknown disease. Clairvoyant predictions about coronavirus say that the virus will change the DNA of a person, and distorted information will be transmitted from an infected parent to children. In the future, there will be a more serious epidemic than now.

Who predicted the virus in China

Many thought that the predictions of the seers of the past and the warnings of the past were just fiction. However, every day more and more people are faced with an unknown disease, the treatment of which has not even been developed yet. Some cannot resist the destructive virus and die.

Vanga and Nostradamus predicted the mass death of people in the distant past. The seer Salman spoke a year ago about a terrible test that is coming to the world. At present, people are shocked by the number of deaths from the coronavirus, which is estimated by artificial intelligence. Clairvoyants lived in different eras and could not have contact with each other, but surprisingly, their predictions converged and are beginning to come true. What awaits humanity?

AI Predictions

If someone thought that artificial intelligence would not be created soon, then you were greatly mistaken. Scientist James Ross has unveiled a machine that can predict the number of coronavirus deaths worldwide. People were truly shocked.

Artificial intelligence has estimated that the Chinese killer virus will infect 2.5 billion people worldwide, of which more than 50 million will die! Doctors are trying to reassure the public by claiming that SOME PEOPLE HAVE DISEASE WITHOUT ANY SYMPTOMS, so the possibility of so many deaths is exaggerated. However, it is worth remembering that a person is afraid of panic and death and tries in every possible way to hide terrible statistics when no feelings are familiar to the machine. That is why the predictions of artificial intelligence can be fully justified.

Vanga's predictions

Vanga is one of the most popular clairvoyants, almost every inhabitant of the planet knows her as a talented fortune teller with truly magical abilities. The woman stated that in the first half of the 21st century, humanity will learn about a new terrible virus, and it will take about one year to make a vaccine. Doctors also say that the drug will be made in about a year. The only thing that confuses in Vanga's prediction is that, in her opinion, the disease will arise on the African continent, when in reality it all started in China. Perhaps the predictions of the Bulgarian clairvoyant were not fully deciphered, and the woman meant the past outbreak of Ebola by the epidemic.

Nostradamus' prediction

With the spread of the coronavirus, people remembered the predictions of the French astrologer and clairvoyant Nostradamus. The prophecy says that a new disease will become a second plague and will start in a seaside town and spread to the whole world.


Internet users only speculate what the predictor Nostradamus meant by “death without crime” and “expiation of guilt before a noble lady.” Many believe that the Minister of Health of China is the noble lady in the prophecy. The entire Celestial Empire asks a woman to start the fight against coronavirus. With a person executed without a crime, everything is much more complicated. People speculate that Nostradamus is referring to the death of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi by this statement. The man spoke critically about the authorities of the United States and Saudi Arabia, for which he was brutally murdered at the consulate of his native country in Turkey.

What's next for real

It is difficult to predict how the coronavirus will behave in the future. Astrologers and psychics for the most part argue that the outbreak of a virus unknown to mankind is only the beginning of worldwide troubles. Astrologer Konstantin Daragan believes that in 2020 there will be a mutation of diseases, as it was during the plague, and new viruses will appear everywhere that will not respond to medical treatment.

Astrologer Elena Almakh is trying to reassure the public and reports a possible decrease in coronavirus activity by September 2020.


These zodiac signs are the most prone to genetic mutations.

According to some clairvoyants, in order to get rid of bad thoughts, a person can turn to the natal chart. If the card says that death will not come from an epidemic of the disease, then the worst thing that can happen to a person during the rampage of the coronvirus is the flu or SARS.

Whether or not to believe the statements of astrologers, psychics or soothsayers is a personal matter for everyone. Many of the prophecies of the great clairvoyants came true, but do not panic and exaggerate in advance. Even great visionaries remain ordinary people who tend to make mistakes. Let's hope that the predictions about the coronavirus are wrong and in the near future the world will be able to heal from a terrible disease.

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