Vanga's predictions about the 2020 coronavirus epidemic

At the beginning of 2020, an epidemic of a new disease broke out in the world, which is caused by a coronavirus. It is also called 2019-nCoV, or CoVID-2019 (Coronavirus Disease-2019). The pandemic has become a serious test for humanity, which is now striving to suppress the spread of the disease with all its might and prevent the development of a serious economic crisis. This world problem was predicted long ago by several famous seers who set the dates and course of events for many world tragedies. The Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga, the French seer Nostradamus and even Stephen Hawking pointed to a possible epidemic.  

Did vanga predict coronavirus

"At the beginning of the 21st century, people will face a new plague." Such words were spoken by the famous Bulgarian soothsayer in her speeches. “An important event will happen in the year of five deuces, the planet will be covered by a disease from the past. The trouble will come from the “yellows”. You can try to guess for a long time what Vanga wanted to say in her prediction, but you can be sure that the words turn into reality.

The plague in the 15th century began in Asia, approximately on the territory of modern China. And just like in the 21st century, it spread to Europe, hitting hundreds of thousands of people. Vanga spoke about this with the words about the “new plague”.

"Yellow" people are often called people of Asian race, because of their characteristic skin color. Almost everything Vanga said about the 2020 coronavirus coincided with reality. In her words, she did not mention anything about Russia and the rest of the world, except for Europe. Therefore, it remains only to guess how the virus will spread around the planet.

What Vanga said about coronavirus

“A very significant event for humanity will occur in the year of 5 deuces. When there is a year-mirror, the whole world will not be happy. Trouble will come from the "yellows". The planet will be engulfed by some kind of terrible disease from the past, which in a short period will be able to take the lives of a huge number of people. They will fall right in the street and die.”

The current year 2020 can be interpreted as a “mirror year”. It is possible that this is a Bulgarian seer and had in mind in her predictions. As in Vanga's forecasts, in just a few months the disease was able to spread almost all over the world and is rapidly taking the lives of more and more people.

How many people will be affected by the new type of virus

Vanga's predictions about the coronavirus say that a global epidemic will happen due to the fault of an old disease. The current pandemic is caused by the coronavirus, one of the large group of Coronaviridae viruses. A similar disease has already shocked humanity about 20 years ago, in 2003. Then the epidemic practically bypassed the world and infected about 10,000 people. It manifested itself almost the same as CoViD-2019, but it was possible to find a treatment for it.

The current epidemic, in turn, is caused by a new strain of coronavirus. It is contagious and affects people who have been in direct contact with the carrier for only a few seconds. Two thousand cases of infection have been identified and the pandemic is in no hurry to decline.

According to the forecasts of many experts, only a few hundred thousand people will become infected, but only a fraction of a percent will become its victims.

When everyone is cured of the coronavirus according to Vanga's predictions

Vanga predicted the virus from China, and was also able to determine the course of its spread around the world. But she didn't even hint at how long it would take to leave the current pandemic in the annals of the past.

One thing is clear, it is necessary to observe the rules of personal hygiene and try to follow self-isolation in quarantine, which will help reduce the rate of spread of the virus.

Will there be a coronavirus vaccine

According to what Vanga said about the virus in China, finding the right cure for the "new plague" will take a lot of time and effort. The virus will resist the attempts of doctors and scientists to defeat it for months, but in a year everything will be ready.

Approximately the same forecasts are made by experts in the field of medicine, immunology and virology. Significant progress in the search for a cure has been made by scientists from Germany and Japan. But still, the virus that attacked China in 2020 cannot be treated with existing drugs.

It will take about a year for humanity to find a way to fight the deadly virus. This statement was made by Peter Stoyanov. This is how much, on average, scientists need to develop a drug to fight viruses.

Doctors have to fight the pandemic with the means available to reduce the symptoms of the disease. You have to constantly fight with high temperature and fever, cough. In the event of the manifestation of the main complication - atypical pneumonia, urgent hospitalization and the use of an apparatus for artificial ventilation of the lungs are required.

Nostradamus' terrifying prophecy about the coronavirus

“The great plague in the seaside city will not stop until the death and blood of the righteous, taken and condemned without crime, are avenged,” Nostradamus wrote in the prophecy. Further, he adds about the "noble lady", "offended by pretense." For a long time it was not possible to understand what the terrifying prophecy was talking about.

With the advent of the coronavirus epidemic in China, everything became clear: the country's seaside cities were hit hard. The "noble lady" refers to China's former health minister, who is being asked by thousands of locals to take all necessary measures to fight the deadly virus.

French scientists and sociologists, when trying to decipher the prediction regarding the “death and blood of the righteous,” came to the conclusion that this is due to the massive political persecution of the Uighurs in China, who are accused of separatism and Islamism.

As can be seen from the text of the prediction, Nostradamus said that the coronavirus epidemic would go away as soon as the innocent were avenged. It remains to be seen how many more people must suffer from the deadly virus.

Stephen Hawking also scared humanity with something like a coronavirus

Stephen Hawking at the end of his life thought about a lot of things that could disrupt the usual life on the planet. All of them are reflected in his article "Stephen Hawking's Fears". A special place there is occupied by the fear of nuclear and, especially, biological weapons. He stated that a situation is likely when a particularly dangerous disease can escape from the hands of biologists, destroying everything in its path.

The mystical theory about the origin of CoVID-2019 also takes place and can become an explanation for the beginning of the epidemic. In 2018, in Wuhan, at the epicenter of the global pandemic, the Chinese authorities opened an institute of virology. According to intelligence data, it also secretly carried out experiments on the production of biological weapons of mass destruction. So, as a result of an accident at the facility, the virus could escape and infect zero patients.

Some facts speak in favor of the man-made creation of this virus. For example, the genetic information of 2019-nCoV repeats 80% of the genome of another virus from the group of coronaviruses, which caused the SARS epidemic in 2003. Also, China's measures to prevent the spread of the virus looked excessive at the beginning of the epidemic, as if the authorities knew something and tried to get by with minimal casualties.

It is possible that the current coronavirus epidemic is caused by some kind of “preparation” of serious weapons that mistakenly escaped from the laboratory. And because of the realization of their own mistake, as well as the lack of effective treatment, all this led to similar measures on the part of China and consequences for the rest of the world.

The coronavirus epidemic has become a test for the whole world that must be passed with dignity. The visionaries knew long before the current events what would happen and how everything would turn out, so their words should be heeded in order to achieve success in the fight against the global pandemic.

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