The situation with quarantine in Bryansk

Quarantine due to coronovirus. It is different in the regions. How this process proceeds depends on the situation in a particular region, the authorities and the people themselves. How the quarantine process proceeds in Bryansk is discussed in this article.

Goals of quarantine due to coronovirus

COVID-19 has greatly affected the lives of all people. Because of it, some receive losses, some sit without a salary. And the worst thing is that people die because of it. So, the goals of quarantine are to stop the spread of the coronovirus as much as possible, limit contacts between people by imposing a fine, disinfect streets, entrances and settlements in general. All forces are thrown into it. For example, you can buy essential items, groceries online.

What is known about quarantine in Bryansk due to coronovirus

Quarantine in Bryansk proceeds as in most regions. That is, despite the closed public places, despite the police patrolling the streets, people still leave their homes and go about their business. Also, it is known that people over 65 years old are forbidden to leave their homes, but they still go out and go to the grocery store, although volunteers can do this. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, many enterprises of the institution are forced to close.

Schools in Bryansk are closed for quarantine, all classes are held remotely. At the discretion of each region, school students have the opportunity to go on summer vacation earlier. First of all, if the government of the subject approves, students from grades 1 to 3 should leave. Kindergartens are similarly closed. Higher education and secondary vocational institutions are also closed. Unfortunately, classes do not take place remotely in kindergartens, but still parents are at home and can devote all their free time to the education of the child.

Due to the coronovirus pandemic, catering places are closed in Bryansk, they eat buffets, cafes, restaurants, etc. The only thing is that these establishments are allowed home delivery. Also, entertainment, leisure and other activities are prohibited. In addition to various enterprises, activities aimed at mass recreation are prohibited.

During quarantine, medical institutions continue to operate, organizations that provide the population with the necessary food, as well as organizations that perform their duties in the event of an emergency, or in any situation that threatens human life. Shops selling life support goods are allowed to work. Also, all pharmacy organizations continue to operate as usual.

“They closed 4 hospitals for quarantine,” people say. And it is. It is known that patients infected with the coronovirus were admitted to the 4th hospital. They contracted the virus in Italy, straight from which they were quarantined.

In general, there is quarantine in Bryansk hospitals. The reason is the coronovirus. Vaccinations, hospital appointments, absolutely everything is closed. Medical facilities are closed and it is impossible to get there. If you need to transfer something to someone, then this can be done through the employees of the medical institution.

Will quarantine be extended in Bryansk

The extension of the quarantine depends on the situation with the coronovirus. If people comply with the self-isolation regime, then there will probably be no extension. Considering that Bryansk is practically in the top ten in terms of infected people, it is most likely that quarantine will be extended.

Bryansk is in the list of cities by the number of people infected with coronavirus.

  1. Moscow
  2. MO
  3. Saint Petersburg
  4. Nizhny Novgorod Region
  5. Dagestan
  6. Murmansk region
  7. Krasnodar region
  8. Tula region
  9. Rostov region
  10. Kaluga region
  11. Bryansk region

The last place is occupied by the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug.

According to the list, the Bryansk region ranks 11th in terms of the number of people infected with the virus. This figure is, of course, very sad, but for almost 1,000 infected, there are more than 200 recovered and 9 deaths.

Interesting Facts

  • Because the peak of infection has not yet been passed, but it will happen soon. A thousand and a half will be added to the 1,000 ready-made hospital beds. And there will be places for patients with coronovirus.
  • Moscow, the Novosibirsk Region and Bryansk are the regions that are the best in terms of providing health care across the territory of the subject.
  • Kursk, Oryol and Bryansk regions have agreed on mutual assistance in the fight against coronovirus, and if additional beds are needed, it will be possible to transport people to these regions.
  • In Bryansk, the record for the number of infected per day has been broken. The number of people in 24 hours increased by 115 people.

The list of essential food products approved by the government of the Russian Federation.

  1. Soap.
  2. Detergents, cleaning products.
  3. Sanitary products and toiletries
  4. Means of
  5. Products for animals, i.e. feed, drugs, etc.
  6. Fuel.
  7. Gas
  8. Spare parts for cars
  9. Electrical equipment
  10. Medical products.

This is a list of essential items. There are more than 20 products and these are only food products, there is also a list of essential grocery products. If you need to know the full list, then you can simply go to the Internet.

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