Latest COVID-19 data in Stavropol

Many countries have entered into an unequal battle with an invisible enemy. In his tens of thousands of taken lives that had no chance to resist him. Active development is underway on a vaccine for the virus, but there is no cure for it. Among the affected - Stavropol. Over the past day, the defeat from COVID-19 has increased greatly.

The global epidemic of COVID-19 has affected almost all countries. The number of victims is constantly growing, as well as the fatal outcome of treatment for the disease. The statistics are updated hourly by the world media.

Is there a coronavirus in Stavropol

A whole family of viruses came to visit, although he was not invited. Coronavirus has infected all life around and it seems there is no limit. The first outbreak in China in December 2019 could not have predicted such a rapid development and spread of the virus, and even more so - today's pandemic, when every city entered the fight, opening operational headquarters to identify patients and treat them. The scale of the catastrophe is horrifying, as the number of patients is growing every hour, but the ability to cure is decreasing.

There is a coronavirus in Stavropol, and the rate of cases is growing at lightning speed.

How many people are infected with coronavirus in the Stavropol Territory

The coronavirus epidemic that has blown up the whole world has also reached our homeland.
As of the morning of 04/01/2020, the number of people infected with the virus in Russia is 2777, the situation worsened during the day - 440 people increased. know for sure about this insidious COVID-19:

  1. The virus is transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person. Transmission of the virus can also occur in an asymptomatic state.
  2. The incubation period is at least 4 days to 14. During this period, a person who has been ill or infected is a danger to others. In some cases, the incubation period was a month.
  3. The disease proceeds both asymptomatically and with minimal manifestations.
  4. The symptoms of coronavirus are similar to SARS or influenza - cough, sore throat, weakness, fever. In addition, there may be weakness, a feeling of fatigue, loss of appetite and sleep. Pain and aches in the muscles and body, feeling unwell, diarrhea.
  5. There is currently no cure for this disease. As a rule, treatment is carried out as with ARVI. If pneumonia develops, the patient is connected to a ventilator.
  6. There is no vaccine for the virus. It is not known whether immunity develops in those who have recovered from the coronavirus.

Important! If at least one of the symptoms is present, you need to contact your doctor or call the hotline:

  1. Heat.
  2. Dry cough.
  3. Breathing is difficult, it is impossible to get enough when inhaling.
  4. Lack of appetite.
  5. Sweating or shivering.
  6. Shortness of breath and cough, with sputum, bloody.
  7. Pain in the muscles or in the head.

Measures against coronavirus in the region

An operational headquarters has been deployed in the Stavropol Territory, which monitors the hospitalization of those arriving from epidemically unfavorable territories, especially those who have severe symptoms of SARS or had a chance of becoming infected from a sick person.

The risk also extends to those caring for the sick, including medical staff.

As in any other region, active actions are being taken to resist infection and mass destruction of people.

First of all, you need to remember that it is important not how to be treated, but how not to get sick. That is, take precautions, namely:

  1. To wash hands.
  2. Avoid group meetings. Etiquette must be observed - keep your distance. Cases of infection with a simple handshake are very frequent.
  3. Use medical masks.
  4. Take vitamins, lead a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Do not touch your nose, eyes and mouth.

Important! Checking for coronavirus in Stavropol is a long-term event. It is better to prevent the disease itself than to enter into a long and unequal struggle with it.

It is worth saying that COVID-19 is a generalized virus that includes four more markers:

  • HCoV-226E.
  • HCoV-226E and HECoV intestinal pathogens.

These two groups are not so dangerous, since they have a weakly affected clinical picture.

  • HNoV rotovirus.
  • SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV.

These two groups are the most dangerous, as they have a severe clinical picture.

Like other states, Russia is developing a vaccine, as the epidemic is very terrible and the death rate from the virus is high. The vaccine is expected to be released at the end of 2020. But today, it is only possible to identify patients with this virus or a carrier of COVID-19.

Important! WHO recommends wearing a medical mask. They can limit the spread of the disease. Of course, it will not become a guarantee of non-infection, since in addition to the mask, it is necessary to carry out hygienic treatment in a timely manner, follow all WHO recommendations, including a distance of 1 m between people.

Where to get tested for coronavirus in Stavropol

Unfortunately, it is not possible to self-test for the presence of the COVID-19 virus. And there are explanations for this. Today, a test for coronavirus is done on the presence of patients with this virus or on its carriers. In order to get tested, you need to see a doctor:

  1. The referral for the test must be taken from the attending physician.
  2. Those who have signs of inflammation, high temperature can get a referral for an analysis. The examination can be carried out both in the hospital and at home.
  3. From all medical institutions, analyzes are collected and redirected to three independent laboratories.
  4. When the result is confirmed, the analysis is sent to the reference laboratory.

The first to be checked are citizens who have visited foreign countries within 14 days, as well as their relatives and relatives. They may be advised to take a coronavirus test in Stavropol at any private clinic to obtain more up-to-date data.

For reference, until March 24, 2020, a preliminary test was carried out only in three laboratories in the country.

There is also an express system for determining COVID-19, which allows you to evaluate for the presence of the pathogen in the body. Unfortunately, foreign manufacturers cannot sell them on the domestic market, as they are deprived of the opportunity to get certified in the shortest possible time. The domestic manufacturer has just begun to develop mass production of such tests.

Of the domestic manufacturers, only 4 are used in Russia, which have carried out about 165,000 studies.

Hotline for coronavirus in the Stavropol Territory

A COVID-19 hotline has been opened in Stavropol, where you can get recommendations on how to act when identifying symptoms of COVID-19. Phones:

  • 8 (800) 200-01-12 - the hotline of the operational headquarters, which opened Rospotrebnadzor;
  • +7 (8652) 36-78-74;
  •  +7 (962) 448-59-80;
  • 112 is the only emergency number.
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