President Putin's opinion on the novel coronavirus

Coronavirus reached Russia, the number of cases is growing significantly

The number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia is growing, according to the World Health Organization, this number already reaches 400 inhabitants. Where only in the Moscow region there are about 200 cases of infection. But among the sick there are also foreigners, or people who have flown in from other countries where outbreaks of this virus have been recorded.

Now contact and sick are isolated. They are in infectious boxes, under the supervision of doctors. Also, it is possible to be at home under the supervision of a doctor if the contacted people do not have symptoms of the disease.

Putin on coronavirus: Russia is doing everything necessary

Russia is ready for the coronavirus. Additional means for the prevention of the disease have been introduced and are being developed.

In Russia, a regime has been introduced to strengthen sanitary and epidemiological measures, so the following measures have been taken:

  • The border with China and with other countries is closed;
  • A quarantine has been created for newly arrived citizens from China;
  • Medical institutions are provided with the means to diagnose the virus and to provide first aid when a disease is detected;
  • All Russians have been evacuated from Wuhan;
  • Most educational institutions have been transferred to distance learning, and a free mode has been introduced in preschool institutions.

Also, the Russian authorities are asked to close cinemas and other entertainment facilities where there is a mass gathering of people. In addition, flights to other cities have already been limited.

Putin does not say much about the virus in China, but he tries to keep this situation under control. Now there are measures to combat this virus, and various preventive measures are being taken. There are also already negative consequences after the outbreak of the coronavirus, which affect the global system of economic relations. Also, at the meeting, the head of state decides how to further respond to what is happening in the country, namely in the commodity markets.

And thanks to his orders, our scientists are developing a vaccine, together with Chinese scientists. Also, today there are rapid tests that help diagnose the disease, without the presence of symptoms.

The spread of the virus has already affected Russia. It is transmitted both by household contact, through various objects, and by airborne droplets.

But Putin himself still continues to work in the same mode, but only visits are limited. He has no symptoms of a new disease and feels well and does not consider it necessary to be tested for coronavirus.

It is recommended: to observe hygiene measures, not to visit crowded places, and to use personal protective equipment (masks and antiseptics).

Reaction to rising drug prices

The first meeting with the new members of the government, Putin began with a topic that relates to the coronavirus, namely the methods of penetration of this virus into the body. One of the methods and a popular remedy from a pharmacy is the use of personal protective equipment for the population.

Although there is no threat from the coronavirus, precautionary measures have already been taken. It was also found that some pharmacies took the opportunity to raise prices for medicines, masks and antiseptics.

Putin reacted to the price increase with outrage, as the price of personal protective equipment rose by up to 70%. Thus, he demanded to find legal entities that decided to earn extra money on such a situation, and then take away their sales licenses.

Also, Putin is sure that in our country there is a developed pharmacy network, where there are no problems with the supply of medicines to pharmacies. In addition, I even took away the license from those legal entities, there will still be enough medicines for everyone.

Important: it is recommended to take medications after consulting a doctor, as there is a risk of side effects.

On the impact of coronavirus on the Russian economy

The coronavirus situation is under control. Putin noted that the Russian authorities are doing what is necessary to prevent the spread of this virus and to prevent the disease.

 The President said that all measures would be effective. But the coronavirus has already had a negative impact on the Russian economy. Because states are interconnected. And now, the virus affects the global system, where the relationship between states is temporarily limited.

But Putin said that Russia's stability could be maintained even if the state of the country's global economy deteriorated. Also, Putin noted that Moscow is provided with a sufficient amount of accumulated reserves and will provide all of Russia in times of crisis. Also, with regard to the economic impact of the virus outbreak itself, it is necessary to respond to this correctly so that the coronavirus does not greatly affect the economy of our country.

The volume of the National Wealth Fund has hundreds of billions of dollars, and the reserves of the Central Bank reach 500 billion dollars.

Also, the situation in the energy market has changed due to the impact of the coronavirus. It is difficult to predict the trend in the market, because at the beginning of the year, the quote was at around $70, and now it has fallen by $20. But you need to be prepared for any scenarios that will happen in the future.

Actions against coronavirus ordered by Putin

Putin is obliged to the relevant departments to reduce the number of human losses. The number of cases from 14 countries has increased to more than 6,000 people.

Putin made a statement that the authorities should be prepared for all the difficulties that will arise. Since this virus has not yet been studied.

For urban vehicles, hostels, hotels, markets and shops, instructions have been developed on how to prevent and combat coronavirus. Employees of such institutions were given instructions, where they were obliged to treat surfaces with disinfectants. And in the capital's universities, methods have been developed on how to prevent the spread of the disease if the institution has students from China.

In addition, educational institutions are taking measures to prevent coronavirus. Most students and teachers were tested for coronavirus, who returned from China.

But if there is a deterioration in the state of the body, or there is a rise in temperature, then such citizens should be hospitalized in the infectious diseases department of the city or region. And they must be under the supervision of a doctor until the end of the incubation period of the coronavirus, or until complete recovery.

Now all the countries that could be visited earlier for recreation have already been closed. But in these countries, people can get only with special passes. And those who managed to return from other countries will be isolated for the duration of the incubation period, for up to two weeks.

 In all buildings with a large crowd of people, thermal imagers are installed and an ambulance team is working. And the students of the institution were transferred to distance learning. Also, some companies have switched to remote work. In such institutions, measures to prevent the virus have been strengthened.

Help other countries against the epidemic

Putin on coronavirus: Now Russia is helping other countries to fight the coronavirus. There was a production of domestic test systems for the diagnosis of coronavirus in the countries of near and far abroad. And with the help of these tests, diseases were detected in Armenia and Belarus.

Also, the head of Italy made a statement that their country is preparing for a complete freeze, where all companies and enterprises must stop their activities, except for post offices, pharmacies, banks and grocery stores. Now Russia is providing assistance to Italy, where ambulance teams and military virologists have already gone to the Italian base.

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