Armanov about coronavirus in Lipetsk

In view of the noise surrounding the possible start of the corona virus epidemic in Lipetsk and the Lipetsk region, as well as due to the detection of the first patients with COID-19 in Lipetsk, Igor Artamonov, who holds the position of the head of the regional administration, decided to speak publicly and talk about the current epidemiological situation in the region, as well as the measures taken by the authorities to combat the Chinese virus. It is worth studying Artamonov’s speech in Lipetsk about the coronavirus, as well as finding out what Artamonov said about the coronavirus and the chances of starting an CPID-19 epidemic in the region.

What Artamonov said about the coronavirus in Lipetsk

As part of his appeal to the residents of the region, Artamonov announced the first detected cases of coronavirus infection in the Lipetsk region.

In total, three sick people were identified and they all recently arrived in the region from Italy. These individuals were promptly isolated and sent to an observatory for observation and treatment. Doctors assess their current condition as satisfactory. Persons who had contact with these people were also identified and temporarily isolated in order to prevent the possible spread of infection.

All responsible services of the region worked clearly and as smoothly as possible. The main thing for the population now is not to panic and not succumb to various provocations, and even more so not to be led to provocative publications on the Internet. It is worth trusting only official and verified information.

Coronavirus Quarantine Order

Artamonov's order on quarantine provides for the introduction of the following measures throughout the Lipetsk region:

  • people who observe the first symptoms of SARS are required to immediately contact the medical institution at the place of their registration;
  • if a person feels symptoms of influenza or SARS upon returning to the region from abroad, he will need to isolate himself and call a doctor at home;
  • all employers are required to regularly monitor the current temperature of their employees and immediately send sick people to the sick leave.

Artamonov's decree on quarantine has already entered into force and is mandatory.

“In the event of a sharp rise in body temperature above 38 degrees, as well as breathing complications, you should immediately call 112 to call an ambulance.”

Other actions of the authorities on coronavirus in the Lipetsk region

The decree of the head of the regional administration, which refers to the spread of the coronavirus, also provides for other measures aimed at combating the possible outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in Lipetsk and the Lipetsk region.

In the region, all educational institutions were closed for quarantine. A ban was introduced on visiting boarding schools and orphanages. So far, quarantine has not affected kindergartens, but starting from March 11, all children must undergo daily medical examinations. At the same time, employees of preschool institutions are required to wear medical masks at all times. Pre-quarantine in educational institutions will last two weeks, but it can be extended.

All citizens who have recently arrived from abroad and have symptoms of influenza or SARS are required not only to isolate themselves, but also to call doctors to their homes. However, they cannot visit medical facilities on their own. That is due to the possibility of them spreading a dangerous Chinese virus.

Also, the regional administration has already developed an algorithm for issuing sick leave to employees of enterprises who have recently returned from border trips and have symptoms of SARS and influenza. They will be able to apply for sick leave without the need for a personal visit to medical institutions, by calling a doctor at home.  

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