What is happening in Cherepovets in connection with the coronavirus quarantine

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, the governments of many countries have decided to introduce quarantine measures. The Russian Federation is no exception. The city government has demonstrated a special approach to the quarantine problem in Cherepovets.

List of quarantine restrictions

  • Introduction of home regime for citizens over 65 years old. They are advised to self-isolate from March 26. 2020.
  • It is recommended to stay at home for people with chronic diseases. Volunteer groups will help such citizens. Their tasks include the purchase of food, medicines.
  • Organization of the work of duty groups in kindergartens, where teachers will look after children, take care of them until the quarantine is lifted or extended. Pupils whose parents went to work can use the services of a preschool educational institution.
  • Restriction on the work of cinemas, entertainment venues, institutions of additional education from March 28. It is not recommended to visit sports facilities, swimming pools, fitness centers, hookahs. Medical examinations and medical examinations have been suspended until the end of the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • Suspension of the provision of various services in an institution with full-time presence, the transition to a remote mode of operation.
  • Residents are advised not to visit buildings and structures with large crowds of people, shopping facilities.
  • Children and teenagers require special attention. Parents should be aware of the whereabouts of the child, not allow him to move freely through the streets of the city, visiting places with the possibility of limited stay.
  • It is forbidden for children and adolescents to be in parks, squares, boulevards, alleys, squares, other public places, catering establishments, bowling alleys, water parks, shopping and entertainment centers.

It is allowed to apply for emergency medical care, visit pharmacies and shops, walk animals within 100 meters from the house, and take out the trash.

  • Closing the city for travel by non-resident and transit transport (3.04.2020).
  • There are 3 checkpoints with OMON officers at the entrances to the city. On April 10, 2 more checkpoints will be added on the roads through which non-resident vehicles pass to Cherepovets, bypassing the federal road.
  • All cars with non-resident numbers are stopped, registration is checked, the purpose of visiting the city is specified.
  • The territory of the hospital, where patients with coronovirus are being treated, is guarded by the National Guard, entry to outsiders is prohibited. Quarantine has been introduced in the hospitals of Cherepovets. All doctors and medical staff working in the hospital have been tested for COVID-19, the result is negative.
  • Organization of testing for coronavirus on the railway. station of the city. All visitors are subject to mandatory testing.

Punishment for violators

 If the Russians violate self-isolation, the guilty person will be charged a fine in the amount of 15-40 thousand rubles. rub. In case of a similar violation, an official will pay 50-150 thousand rubles, a legal entity - 200-500 thousand rubles.

In case of violation of self-isolation and infection of other persons, death, the amount of the sum collected will increase to 300 thousand rubles. an amount of up to 0.5 million rubles will be recovered from the official, legal entities. The person will pay 1 million rubles.

Violation of sanitary legislation is punishable by a fine, suspension of activities for 3 months. For individual entrepreneurs - 50-150 thousand rubles, legal entity - 200-500 thousand rubles. The decision is made by the court.

In case of violation of the regime of self-isolation by children and adolescents, a protocol on an administrative offense will be drawn up. Information about the offender's family will be sent to the juvenile commission. Punished - with a warning, a fine (1-3 thousand rubles).

How does it work in practice?

The city administration sends raids to the enterprises of the city, consisting of representatives of Rosporebnadzor, law enforcement officers. The main task is to identify enterprises, individual entrepreneurs that violate sanitary legislation, to comply with sanitary standards when working in an epidemic (work in masks).

The police will control the observance of the quarantine by the residents of the city. Particular attention is paid to the stay of children and adolescents.

Will the holidays in Cherepovets be extended?

Holidays in Cherepovets extended until April 12 inclusive. This was reported by the press service of the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation. In this regard, there will be an extension of quarantine in Cherepovets.

In the situation of the epidemic, distance learning for schoolchildren will be organized.

Telecom operators are ready to provide free access to educational resources for distance learning of children. The largest publishers of educational literature have opened free online access to textbooks.

Primary classes work in limited mode. FOOTNOTE. If for some reason the parents cannot leave the child at home, according to the requirement of Rospotrebnadzor, he can be brought to school.

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