Actual about quarantine in connection with coronavirus in Perm

Coronavirus became known to the world back in 1935, has 37 strains in its composition. Today, out of 37, only 4 strains are the most dangerous. In any case, it was this virus that forced almost all heads of state to rally and admit that there is an unequal battle with one that cannot be defeated.

Active developments are underway to determine the virus in the human body as soon as possible, as well as the invention of medicines and vaccines. It is believed that by the end of 2020 a vaccine will be developed that will protect the lives of many people.

The virus that came from neighboring countries - the coronavirus, made many families unhappy, taking the most expensive ones.

 What is known about quarantine in the Perm region

Quarantine in the Perm region is a desire to prevent the growth of the disease. The coronavirus is spreading at lightning speed. Many patients may not know that such a ferocious "beast" is rampant in their body. It is noteworthy that a person with strong immunity up to 30 days may not be aware of the presence of coronavirus in the body.

The pandemic that has taken over the world does not seem to end. The reason for this is the people themselves, who do not even seek to protect themselves and their loved ones, do not observe self-isolation. Spread the virus among acquaintances and innocent people.

The scenario of the development of events, if the recommendations of the heads of countries, as well as the WHO, will lead to the most unexpected. And if we talk about the initial source of infection, then the consciousness of people contributed to the most rapid release from sudden "pneumonia", after 100 days of the introduction of quarantine, the blockade was lifted. This speaks of the unity of people in the fight against the terrible coronavirus.

Due to the coronavirus, the World Health Organization has declared a state of emergency due to a sharp surge in the number of people infected with the coronavirus. Countries around the world have united in confronting an invisible and tough enemy. Quarantines are being introduced, movement within cities is restricted, and air and rail links between countries and cities are closed. Restrict intercity travel.

The Russian Federation also introduced quarantine from 03/30/2020. In some regions and cities, restrictions are imposed on specific objects.

Educational institutions

For all institutions providing educational services, from March 21, 2020, a ban on full-time education has been introduced.
To this day, each institution operates remotely or remotely. If we talk about universities, then distance education is not so difficult for them. Most students take part in the learning process offline. But for students and their parents. This form of education does not bring benefits and pleasure. After all, there are parents who continue to work and organize a working day, combining with the study of the necessary material is not so easy. In addition, it is unclear how and when the academic year will end. Which enterprises and entrepreneurs are forced to suspend their activities

The imposed restrictions have vetoed the work of some entertainment venues, in particular cafes, bars, karaoke, restaurants, entertainment clubs and centers, as well as the activities of the cinema and theater, philharmonic societies, canceled conferences, performances and seminars. There are also restrictions on holding religious ceremonies and gatherings.

 Who keeps working

Despite the introduction of quarantine, I continue to perform my functions:

  1. Enterprises providing water supply, water purification and water pumping.
  2. Oil refineries and oil trading companies, gas stations, etc.
  3. Construction, the stop of which can be dangerous for people.
  4. Housing and communal services.
  5. Waste treatment companies.
  6. Medical institutions.
  7. Financial companies that provide the livelihoods of the population.
  8. Emergency services.

Will quarantine be extended in Perm

No one gives a forecast for the end of quarantine in Perm. This is due to the fact that it is not clear what the peak of the incidence can be. Today, statistics confirm the rapid pace of increase in the focus of inflammation. But there is no peak yet.

The extension of quarantine in Perm is a matter of time and statistics of cases.

How is the educational process in Perm during the quarantine period

During the quarantine period, each educational institution independently determines the mode of operation, respectively, the use of technical means for work. There are thematic groups in messengers and social networks, on the official websites of educational institutions, where the procedure for conducting distance learning is indicated.

How to find a job in Perm during the coronavirus period

Statistical data confirms that with the onset of the pandemic, the demand for freelancing has increased dramatically. About 60% of the total number of freelancers joined these ranks.

For those who do not have the opportunity to transfer their work online, there are communities. In which you can exchange important information - the provision and provision of services. In the presence of a personal car, many go to work for distribution and delivery.

Goals of quarantine due to coronavirus

Corona virus infection belongs to the SARS series, however, its manifestation is very specific. The development of the disease exhausts the body, and already weakened it strikes. The treatment of coronavirus is very difficult, therefore, the heads of state agreed on the introduction of a number of restrictions. Thanks to quarantine measures, there is an intention to reduce the number of cases. Quarantine 2020 is not a whim, but a desire to minimize the uncontrollable surge of the disease.

If we refer to Rospotrebnadzor, world statistics confirm the insidiousness of the virus. Having been ill once, a person can again become infected with it. This was confirmed by a case in Thailand, who was re-hospitalized with re-infection two weeks after treatment.

Infection with coronavirus is possible only by contact or airborne droplets. This means that it is impossible to get infected specifically from animals, only if they are not affected by the virus. The distance at which the virus can be transmitted is 3 meters, so it is important to follow the recommendations - wear masks, clean surfaces and wash your hands and face thoroughly after settling the street and public places. Try to refrain from traveling by public transport, as well as walking in such places.

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