The situation in Vitebsk quarantined by coronavirus

According to the executive committee of Vitebsk, he explained that the coronavirus began to spread after visiting the workers of the shoe factory in Milan. Upon arrival, they were not in self-isolation or observation, they continued to work, which allowed the virus to spread rapidly.

The global pandemic, recognized by the World Health Organization, has put an end to the ordinary lives of all people. Countries began to close for quarantine, respectively, air traffic, the work of railways, and intercity communications were closed.

Adopting the sad experience of those countries that failed to respond to the outbreak in a timely manner, countries began to close borders, and people who returned home were transferred to self-isolation or observation.

The introduction of quarantine causes bewilderment among many, since its purpose is not entirely clear. There is no opinion that it is needed, as well as refutations. And if it is effective against the pandemic, it has a very harsh effect on the economy. What can we say about the economy - after all, closing an enterprise and leaving is one thing, but closing, for example, a farm is impossible.

The Ministry of Health, introducing quarantine, is in favor of reducing the burden on the healthcare system, that is, eliminating the maximum overload with an influx of patients. If people are isolated as much as possible now, there is a chance to prevent the spread of the disease, to provide timely assistance.

It is very important that every citizen clearly understands that the health of the whole country depends on him.

Despite the fact that quarantine measures are perceived with disapproval, considering them tough, but this is the only method that can minimize the avalanche-like incidence and reduce the spread of inflammation.

List of restrictive measures in connection with the coronavirus

The number of people infected with the virus is growing every day. These are those who visited foreign countries and did not go into self-isolation after returning. They are the source of the disease.

In this regard, the Ministry of Education recommends, in connection with the global pandemic, people over 60 years of age, as well as those who have pathologies and chronic diseases, observe the isolation regime, as they are most at risk of getting sick, and their therapy does not always end. successfully.

Chronically ill patients are especially hard on the virus, they absolutely cannot leave the house. If there is a need to get medicine or food, contact volunteers, neighbors, relatives.

For everyone else, the Ministry of Health recommends not visiting large crowds, minimizing contacts, limiting visits to shopping centers and other things.

When visiting stores, keep the recommended distance, wash your hands and wear protective masks.

It is important to note that additional measures were taken in Vitebsk to prevent the spread of the virus. In particular:

  1. Do not allow employees who have symptoms of SARS to work.
  2. Do not hold conferences, seminars and business meetings. Use video if necessary.
  3. When in contact with others, keep a distance of 1.5 meters, wear a mask and gloves.
  4. To minimize crowding and maintain production processes, separate shifts and flows.
  5. Cancel all cultural events.
  6. Close all cultural institutions.
  7. Do not take children to kindergartens, schools if possible.
  8. Students are encouraged to use distance learning.

Coronavirus quarantine violations

It is worth saying that although the quarantine regime is not so tough, there will still be punishment for violation. From April 08, a self-isolation regime was introduced for those who came from other countries or had contact with the patient. Violation of the rules threatens with a fine - at least 1350 rubles, administrative arrest or criminal liability.

Which hospitals are closed in Vitebsk

Four medical institutions have been redesigned to provide assistance in the detection of pneumonia, these include:

  1. Tuberculosis dispensary.
  2. Dermatovenerological dispensary.
  3. City Hospital.
  4. Railway hospital.

Planned appointments and operations are prohibited in the country. Everything is postponed indefinitely, except for critical situations.

There are already 7,000 beds for patients, according to the minister, if necessary, there will be much more. The lack of protective equipment is promised to be eliminated “next week”. 13 laboratories are working with coronavirus tests. Belarus may start conducting rapid tests for antibodies to COVID-19, “these are imported tests, they will be delivered within a week, maximum 10 days.”

How long will quarantine last in Vitebsk

Many experts are inclined - subject to full compliance with the rules of quarantine, it would be possible to completely defeat the virus within 60 days after its introduction. But this is provided that each person responsibly approaches the fulfillment of his direct duties.

In particular, we are talking about the fact that if symptoms appear - dry cough, high fever, headache - consult a doctor for help. With any changes, it will maintain self-isolation and minimize contact with other people.

For those who returned from another country - also, isolation for at least 14 days.

At least the fulfillment of these requirements will contribute to the improvement of the epidemiological state of the country.

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