Features and objectives of quarantine in Volgograd

The coronavirus pandemic is spreading across Russia more and more. Already by the beginning of April, a high alert regime was introduced in 28 regions of the country. The Volgograd region is included in their lists. The authorities believe that in this way they can better control the incidence rate. The disease is insidious, the vaccine against it has not yet been invented, so it is necessary to wait until the epidemic subsides.

What is known about quarantine in Volgograd due to coronavirus

To date, twenty-seven people have become ill with COVID-19 in Volgograd and the region. It is known that two adults and three children have already recovered and were discharged home. About a hundred people are under suspicion until the diagnosis is confirmed. Quarantine in Volgograd in the form of strict self-isolation has been introduced until April 30.

Every day in the city they do tests to detect the virus, according to the latest data, more than 7,000 people have already done them. These people have returned from abroad or from Moscow. The regional government believes that self-isolation helped to prevent a large peak of cases.

The authorities, just in case, prepared places in hospitals throughout the region, equipment, medicines. Also, schoolchildren were transferred to distance learning, the activities of many enterprises and shops were suspended. People are advised not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary, not to gather pandemonium, wear masks, keep distance in banks and grocery stores, and wash their hands thoroughly.

Educational institutions

The sudden coronavirus has contributed to the government's decision to cancel classes at universities and colleges. Since all technical schools and universities in Volgograd were quarantined, everyone registers for special programs and studies remotely. Schools and gymnasiums have also switched to remote learning after the holidays. Schoolchildren always have a connection with teachers, which controls the distance learning process. Kindergartens in some areas have closed completely, only duty groups are working, whose parents serve in government agencies, the police, and medicine.

Which enterprises and entrepreneurs are forced to suspend their activities

Due to the fact that quarantine was announced in the Volgograd region, many organizations and entrepreneurs were on the verge of bankruptcy. Members of the Government ordered to suspend the activities of some areas for the period of self-isolation.

  • Stores that sell non-essential goods;
  • Travel agencies, legal and notary offices;
  • Gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools;
  • Catering business;
  • Spheres of culture, clubs, entertainment, parks;
  • Beauty Salons.

Work in these areas has been stopped for the time being in order to avoid a large number of the spread of the virus.

Who keeps working

In the Volgograd region, there are still areas in which they continue to work, because a lot depends on their work. These are doctors and medical personnel, police, grocery store sellers. The activity of many plants and factories is allowed if they produce very necessary products.

Many people have switched to remote work, which they now have to organize at home. Restaurants and catering received permission to work on the delivery. Many stores have followed suit, hiring couriers, organizing delivery around the area. This is the best way out so as not to suffer losses later, and not to close during self-isolation.

Will quarantine be extended in Volgograd

The self-isolation regime must be observed until April 30. It can be extended or shortened. It depends on a number of factors:

  • How will the percentage of sick and recovered people grow;
  • How will quarantine be observed by citizens;
  • How quickly a cure for the insidious virus will be found.

It is assumed that as soon as quarantine in hospitals ends, strict self-isolation measures will gradually be lifted and quarantine will be canceled.

How is the educational process in Volgograd during the quarantine period

Due to the pandemic, quarantine in schools was announced everywhere in the Volgograd region. The management of the institutions will decide on which platform to teach, teachers will choose how it is convenient for them to organize lessons so that students do not lag behind the program. Parents help children adapt to new introductions, register on special sites, send homework for verification.

Distance learning requires you to have an internet connection and a good connection at home.

How to find a job in Volgograd during the coronavirus period

A lot of people were left without work. It can be found on job postings. You can get a job in some grocery store or a courier. Each city has an Employment Center that employs unemployed citizens. Residents en masse register without leaving their homes at labor exchanges, as the coronavirus quarantine in Volgograd has left many unemployed on the street.

Goals of quarantine due to coronavirus

COVID-19 is an infectious disease with complications, it is transmitted through mucous membranes, clothing, skin, and objects. Medicines and vaccines have not yet been developed. Therefore, the state introduces quarantine throughout the country. Its purpose is to restrict the movement of people, vehicles, goods. This will help prevent an increase in the number of cases.

Borders are closed, exit from cities, many organizations, a special access system is introduced, mass gatherings of people are prohibited, fines are introduced. All this will help ensure complete control over the numerous infections of citizens. People who come from other countries are asked to isolate themselves at home and not go out for two weeks, since the incubation period of the virus is exactly 2 weeks.


There are not so many sick people in the Volgograd region compared to other regions because a state of high alert has been introduced, all self-isolation measures are being observed. The sooner the infection rate declines, the sooner the quarantine will be lifted from the region.

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