How Yakutsk lives in conditions of coronavirus

Coronavirus is a serious viral disease that is taking people's lives. As of April 12, 22 cases of infection with the disease were registered in the Republic. 13 people recovered and were discharged from the hospital.

Was it necessary to introduce quarantine in Yakutsk?

Quarantine in Yakutsk was announced in accordance with the order of the President of the Russian Federation. Coronavirus is a new disease that was first reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019. Pathology is viral in nature and is rapidly spreading throughout the world.

The difficulty arises in the fact that there are no medications for coronavirus. Treatment is symptomatic when a person is infected. A vaccine for the disease has not yet been developed. That is why quarantine is currently the only and effective method is quarantine. Due to the presence of cases in Yakutsk and the region, a self-isolation regime was introduced. When it ends depends on the dynamics of the spread of the disease.

What does quarantine mean in Yakutsk?

From March 17 to March 25, a partial quarantine was announced in the schools of Yakutsk. Schoolchildren of the 9th and 11th grades went to study. After that, holidays were announced in the region. At their expiration, quarantine was again introduced in schools. In this case, distance learning for schoolchildren was organized.

If residents are outside the city, then they will not be able to enter it even for the weekend. Departure from the city is allowed only after a 14-day quarantine. Traveling by private or public transport is prohibited. In accordance with the decision of local authorities, vehicles are allowed to carry food, as well as non-food essentials.

If there is a need to leave the city for work, then a pass system has been developed here. Holding mass sports, religious, cultural and entertainment events in the city is strictly prohibited. Museums, theaters, cinemas, concert halls are closed in the region. Public catering establishments do not accept visitors. Stores that do not sell essential goods are closed.

People are strictly prohibited from walking on the streets. An exception is the need to purchase something in a store or pharmacy. Only medical institutions operate in the city, as well as organizations that ensure the livelihoods of people during the quarantine period.

If a person entered the city and previously stayed in another country, then he needs to call the hotline and provide his details, in which country he arrived. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to go outside, regardless of the pretext, for 10 days. On the 10th day of quarantine, testing for coronavirus is carried out.

If symptoms of a pathological condition appear, it is strictly forbidden to visit the medical center. In this case, the patient must call the doctor at home. Only a specialist after conducting an examination and collecting anamnesis can prescribe a study. Scheduled appointments are not held in dental clinics, and tax inspections have stopped accepting taxpayers.

Payment for utilities, solving various problems in the region can be carried out only through the Internet. If the quarantine rules are violated, residents of the city face administrative liability, as well as a fine. When infecting strangers, a person can be held criminally liable.

Will there be an extension of quarantine in Yakutsk?

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin, quarantine measures will be in effect until April 24. Whether the quarantine will be extended in the region and throughout the country depends on the characteristics of the spread of the disease. If the number of cases of coronavirus decreases, then the city and the region will gradually return to normal life. The extension of quarantine in Yakutsk is possible if the incidence does not decrease.

Rospotrebnadzor does not provide accurate data on the number of patients in Yakutsk. It is known only about infections in the Republic. Despite this, quarantine measures are in place in the city, which will reduce the risk of the spread of the disease.

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