Life after the coronavirus epidemic in Hubei China

Hubei Province is located in the eastern part of China. The coronavirus began to spread around the world from here. How this province survived the epidemic, how many lives it claimed, and how people live here now is described below in the article.

At the end of December 2019, Chinese authorities reported that an outbreak of SARS of unknown origin had occurred in the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province. Scientists have found that the disease is caused by a new type of coronavirus. It is transmitted from person to person through contact and airborne droplets.

To date, the epidemic in Hubei City, China has significantly declined. No new cases have been reported in the last week. All efforts are aimed at curing the existing patients.

The number of infected, dead and cured in the province

About 11 million people live in the city of Wuhan. Chinese experts have confirmed that the source of a new type of coronavirus was the Haunan market, which is located in Wuhan. After the outbreak of the disease, the city was closed for quarantine. A new type of virus is similar to coronovirus from the body of a bat. The main symptoms of the disease are fever, shortness of breath, cough and fever. The incubation period lasts from one to 14 days. The disease begins with the fact that the temperature rises, then a cough appears, after a week breathing is difficult.

In the Chinese capital of Hubei, the death toll has reached 100. There are 2,714 infected people, 633 people have recovered.

Since January 23, due to an outbreak of an unknown virus, Hubei has been isolated from the whole world. Transport links are closed, bus routes, metro, ferries are closed. Air traffic is closed in the province, the railway station is closed. Entry and exit is closed without special permission.

Is the region returning to normal?

Based on published data, 17 new cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in the city of Wuhan. These data suggest that the outbreak has declined significantly. However, Hubei Province will not return to normal functioning anytime soon. The measures that contain the epidemic will remain in place for a long time to come. However, during a control inspection trip to the city of Wuhan, experts noted that the victory over the virus is already very close. According to preliminary forecasts, the epidemic in the city will last until June 2020. However, some epidemiologists argue that against the backdrop of an increase in cases around the world, the epidemic may last until the end of this year.

Epidemiologists have repeatedly stated that the authorities in Hubei province have long tried to hide information about the beginning of the epidemic. For this reason, the virus has claimed so many lives.

Despite the ongoing epidemic, life in Hubei is slowly returning to normal. Jobs are gradually opening up. Schools and factories begin to operate. Some travel restrictions are being lifted. This means that some residents of Hubei province may return to their homeland.

Have factories and plants been restored to work

The authorities of Hubei province have been allowed to resume the work of the main enterprises. Those factories that are considered the most important for the economy will start working first. These include those that improve well-being and provide people with basic necessities.

These enterprises include manufacturers of medical equipment, manufacturers of medicines and disinfectants. They will also restore the work of enterprises for the processing of medical waste, factories that provide water and electricity. The following industries will resume work: oil and gas, communications, processing and food supply enterprises.

BEIJING, Jan. 26, 2020 Members of a medical team prepare to leave for Wuhan of Hubei Province at Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing, capital of China, on Jan. 26, 2020. A 121-member medical team, organized by the National Health Commission, left Beijing for Wuhan Sunday afternoon to aid the coronavirus control efforts there. (Credit Image: Global Look Press/Keystone Press Agency)

Honda Motor has resumed operations, according to a Kyodo news agency. For some time, the production of this factory will be carried out in limited quantities. Nissan Motor will also resume its operation. So far, the holidays of this factory have been extended by the authorities.

The President of China recently visited Wuhan. He thanked all the inhabitants of the city for their courage in the fight against this deadly epidemic. According to Chinese media, all temporary hospitals in Wuhan that received patients with coronavirus were closed.

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