Which provinces in China are still affected by the coronavirus?

At the end of 2019, the whole world learned about a new outbreak of a virus that claims the lives of people. The coronavirus was discovered while Chinese citizens were celebrating the new year. People launched colorful fireworks into the sky and did not suspect that their country was in serious danger in the face of an invisible enemy.

At the beginning of 2020, many videos were published on the Internet in which infected citizens fell and died on the street. Such information excited the public around the world. Citizens of all countries began to issue tickets to China and cancel all trips to neighboring countries. Many people are concerned about the question, "In which provinces of China is the coronavirus?". This white paper will help you find the answers.

Which province did the epidemic start from?

The first outbreaks of a new type of coronavirus were registered in Hebei province.  

In the Chinese town of Wuhan, locals bought wild animals and ate them. In November 2019, the citizens of Wuhan began to seek medical help. —

Chinese doctor Li Wenliang was one of the first to identify a new type of coronavirus and informed his colleagues about it.

 The Chinese authorities advised not to panic and not to publish false information. In early February, the doctor died from a new type of coronavirus. At the end of December 2019, Chinese doctors identified a new type of dangerous coronavirus that began to spread around the world. Scientists have unraveled the genotype of the virus and revealed its similarity with the genotype of bats. According to scientists, it was the bats that were eaten that became the carrier. There are more than 100 different types of wild animals that people eat in the Wuhan market.

 On January 1, 2020, the market in Wuhan was completely suspended.

The territory of retail outlets was blocked by police and destroyed all products. The pandemic has begun rapid distribution across China's provinces.

How many provinces are infected

To date, a list of people infected with coronavirus has been registered in all provinces of China. The epidemic not only affected all of China, but also quickly spread to neighboring countries. Statistics on the provinces of China among the number of infected citizens in mid-March began to decline. Chinese doctors manage to stop the pandemic and prevent new cases from spreading. In addition to the city of Wuhan, a large number of infected people were detected in the provinces of Heilongjiang and Shandong. Until early March 2020, the number of people with confirmed coronavirus was increasing daily in these provinces.

A new type of Chinese virus was found in Zhejiang province in February 2020.

All infected citizens received medical assistance. People with severe forms of coronavirus were treated in intensive care, where they were connected to ventilators. In all provinces of China, there was a low percentage of deaths from the total number of infected.

Where is the quarantine introduced?

After the detection of a dangerous virus, China was transferred to quarantine mode. An enhanced regime was introduced in Hebei province, where the first case of infection was detected. Chinese authorities have banned all citizens from leaving their homes unless absolutely necessary. All educational institutions and places of mass congestion of people were closed. The Chinese authorities decided to build a hospital in a few days, where it would be possible to place all the infected and declare quarantine.  

The government has taken tough measures due to the rapid spread of the new virus. Under pain of death, people who tested positive for the virus were banned from leaving places of isolation. Across China, employees have been moved to work remotely or placed on quarantine leave. All people were required to wear medical masks and wash their hands.

People wearing face masks walk on a downtown street in Hong Kong Friday, Feb. 21, 2020. COVID-19 viral illness has sickened tens of thousands of people in China since December. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

Outside of Hebei province, quarantine measures were not as strict. The authorities allowed local residents to go outside in medical masks to the nearest store or pharmacy. In all provinces of China, squads of police officers with thermal imagers were on duty. The devices served quickly and accurately measured the body temperature of citizens. In case of an increase in body temperature, a person was not allowed into the supermarket and sent to home quarantine. Such enhanced measures have helped to stop the massive outbreak of the pandemic in China and save the lives of many citizens.

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