Has everyone recovered from the coronavirus in Sanya?

The world-famous coronavirus began in China and has spread to many countries. Everyone is frightened by this information, in particular, photos of the sick people posted online, especially tourists who are going to visit the Chinese town on the island of Hainan. Let's see how things are going in the province. Are there any fatalities and what is the number of survivors.

Until recently, the Russian Federation cited measures against Chinese citizens who have a residence permit in Russia. If, upon returning from their homeland, these citizens showed suspicious symptoms, they should be isolated from others and carefully examined. At the same time, every Chinese citizen crossing the border was placed in a 2-day quarantine at checkpoints. These people have been tested for coronavirus. We emphasize that these were precautionary measures from our country.

The number of infected, dead and recovered on the island

The virus has been at its peak since late December 2019, which originated in Wuhan.

The World Health Organization recognized these cases as a serious disease with multiple foci of international scope. Outside the country, people in South Korea, Italy and Iran have been hardest hit. The disease has reached 100 countries, including Russia.

On the provincial island of Hainan, the epidemic counted about 170 cases infected with the new SARS disease. Of the patients, only 6 ended their lives with a fatal outcome. The rest have been treated and have already been discharged from hospitals.

The most difficult situation was with the coronavirus in Sanya. There, the disease was found in 54 people.

The situation in Sanya: has life recovered

More recently, in the city of Sanya, the Chinese government strictly banned people with a fever or a cold from using public transport.

The quarantine on the island of Hai'an, where the town of Sanya is located, has been completely lifted and the resorts are being restored to life again. All flights have also been restored since March 15.

Coronavirus in the city of Sanya left the sick. There are almost no infected patients left in his hospitals. According to reliable sources, the last patient left the medical facility on March 8, 2020. He made a full recovery.

Is it possible to go there

In the city of Sanya and other provinces, the Chinese government does not plan to close cities for strict quarantine. There are only recommendations in the next two weeks not to come to tourists who want to visit the island for the purpose of looking for work, visiting relatives, for business or for pleasure. Everything has already been said about the sick, the situation for entering the city is favorable. The tourists themselves talk about it.

Feedback from Russians from the island of Sanya

More recently, Rospotrebnadzor suggested that travelers refrain from traveling to China. Along with this, it should be noted that according to the data from the airlines, not a single case of refusal to visit the Chinese environs was registered.

As Russian tourists say, many cities in China have already completely removed the quarantine. The exception is Wuhan and its environs. There, the strict regime for citizens has already been relaxed, but still remains.

“The cost of a trip to Sanya is approximately 55,000 rubles for two. Where else can you visit and enjoy the sea for such a price.” Perhaps this is due to the fact that there is no way to refuse a trip without fines. However, if there is a security risk, the tour can be canceled completely financially. This is stated in the data of Rospotrebnadzor.

Hundreds of people are intimidated by the situation and call companies before leaving to ask how things are going.

Upon arrival, our people are amazed by the beauty of China, in particular, the city and its culture, and resorts.

So, the cases of coronavirus in China ended in success. Almost all infected people were cured and returned to everyday life. And yet, trusted sources recommend taking precautions: wash your hands, wear masks in public places, avoid touching your face and eyes, and monitor your overall health more often. As many say, coronavirus is no different from a cold and contains all of its symptoms.

If you have purchased a ticket to the cities of Sanya, then you can safely enjoy the sea. The Chinese (as they say) defeated this epidemic, which cannot be said about other countries.

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