Coronavirus in Shenzhen on the decline: will the city's economy pick up?

Shenzhen, a modern and international capital city located in the south of China. The city is a special economic zone that is open to foreign investment and technology. There are 13 million people in the settlement, including about a million visitors from Hubei Province. Coronavirus “came” to Shenzhen already in early January 2020, the first cases of infection led to an emergency quarantine in the city.

The number of infected, dead and recovered in the city

Coronavirus in Shenzhen on the decline: will the city's economy pick up?

When the first case of coronavirus infection was recorded in the city, the health commission immediately suspended ferry, car and air traffic to the Chinese mainland. In Shenzhen, an endemic disease has affected a large number of children, and family transmission of the virus has become a new type of infection.

Under the guidance of researchers at the Third People's Hospital in Shenzhen, the clinical and epidemiological status of the first 365 patients with COVID-19 was analyzed. The median age of the patients was 46 years (range 1 to 86 years) and all cases were evenly distributed between males and females.

So far, the total number of confirmed cases in the city has stopped at 423 patients, of which 202 are men and 221 are women.

The regional statistics are as follows:

  • 87 cases in Nanshan District
  • 83 in Futian District
  • 71 in Longgang District
  • 62 in Bao'an District
  • 34 in Longhua District
  • 32 in Luohu District
  • 11 in Guangming District
  • 7 in Pingshan District
  • 6 in Yantian District
  • 2 in Dapeng New Area
Coronavirus in Shenzhen on the decline: will the city's economy pick up?

The other 28 cases were discovered when entering the city: from the airport, bus stations, ferry terminals and checkpoints.

There are 18 patients in intensive care at Shenzhen People's Hospital No. 3, of which 2 are in critical condition. 402 patients fully recovered and were discharged from the clinic. Another 130 people had close contact with those infected with coronavirus and are now under medical supervision. There have been 3 deaths in Shenzhen.

Has the situation in the city stabilized?

While the normal life of people is disrupted by the fight against the epidemic, the citizens of Shenzhen are trying to continue their usual activities and hobbies, including even hanging out. To control the outbreak, the authorities carried out early screening, diagnosis, isolation and treatment of infected citizens to prevent further spread of COVID-19. The city has taken timely public information about the epidemic, and regularly evaluates the current strategy to combat coronovirus.

During the coronavirus outbreak, people in Shenzhen deliberately line up 1.5 meters apart to order takeaway food. All residents wear protective masks and use antiseptics regularly.

Coronavirus in Shenzhen on the decline: will the city's economy pick up?

The situation in the city is stabilizing, which is proved by the fact that in recent days not a single case of coronavirus infection has been detected in the province, and the number of patients in the hospital has decreased from 25 to 18 people.

Although the number of COVID-19 infections is declining, all travelers arriving in Guangdong, both Chinese nationals who have returned from another country and foreign nationals who have visited one of the 19 countries, must be quarantined for two weeks.

The collapse of quotations and the impact on the city's economy

Many experts believe that one of the unexpected events that caused turmoil in the global economy since the beginning of this year was the emergence of the coronavirus. There are 7 enterprises based in Shenzhen, namely Ping An Group, Huawei, Amer International, China Merchants Bank, Vanke, Tencent and Evergrande, which were included in the Global 500 list published by Fortune in 2019. Shares in the Chinese market fell 14 percent on the stock exchanges and Shenzhen, leaving investors with the challenge of survival or flight.

Coronavirus in Shenzhen on the decline: will the city's economy pick up?

After the city of Shenzhen issued 16 measures to support companies due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the government released a list of key tasks for the year to improve its business environment. China cannot afford to let its factories sit idle and its restaurants and shops empty indefinitely.

Getting employees back to work is another challenge for companies that are poised to reopen. Only about 20 people out of 50 entered the labor force after returning from other parts of China.

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