Xi'an China is there a coronavirus: what is really happening?

The whole world is watching with bated breath the spread of an unknown infectious disease called "coronavirus". Xi'an is located 80 kilometers from the epicenter of the pandemic. China's largest port city is under a state of emergency, different sources report conflicting information. But in this article you will find out the most up-to-date information.

The number of infected, dead and recovered in the city.

The city of Xi'an is located in Shaanxi Province.
Be in a state of emergency. Chinese authorities are making every effort to quickly identify and treat infected people with a new type of SARS. As of March 17, 2020, according to official data, more than 182,000 infected people have been identified worldwide. Coronavirus in the city of Xi'an was detected in December 2019. As for Xi'an itself, for today:

  • Infected - 133 people
  • Dead - 0 people.
  • Recovered - 133 people.

There are no new infections yet. Xi'an is one of the eight provinces out of thirty-four where there are no more cases and deaths from a severe form of the pandemic.

Situation today: is the city closed

The city is currently in lockdown to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Yes, there are no sick people in the city now, but strict quarantine is still in effect. The city is home to 10 million people, there is still a restriction on movement between settlements. Partially do not operate vehicles, only for medical personnel to perform official duties. Buses, trolleybuses, taxis do not provide their services. Personal transport is also prohibited. The exception is movement to avoid the spread of infection by healthcare workers.

Cafes, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, parks, saunas and other public places are closed. Without a good reason, it is forbidden to leave the house. Good reasons include: going to the store and pharmacy.

The city has placed emergency headquarters to combat the epidemic. Due to the fact that Xi'an is a port city, all ferries will also not operate. Explanatory measures are being carried out with the population on TV. With the help of informational explanations, they tell how to reduce the risk of contracting a pneumonia infection.

In order to avoid fatal outcomes, instructions are issued in all languages, since there are many visitors in the city. There is a list of hygiene rules, a list of acceptable products for consumption, a description of masks for protection.

epaselect epa08223236 Workers move the body of a COVID-19 victim at a hospital in Wuhan, Hubei province, China, 16 February 2020. According to local authorities, the number of coronavirus cases in mainland China has reached over 70,000 with more than 1,660 related deaths . EPA/STRINGER CHINA OUT

Information on the list of hospitals is in the public domain. As for protective medical masks, unfortunately, pharmacies do not have time to buy them, as well as online stores. In Xi'an, local authorities are handing out disposable masks for free. Basically, every family had stocks of masks before the epidemic, as the province is highly polluted and people are already used to wearing them.

There is a strong tension in the city, as the danger of the disease still remains. But people have become more correct, observe a strict regime of self-isolation.

China is no longer considering new restrictions, everything already looks more alive.

When is it safe to travel in China?

The current situation with the coronavirus epidemic in China has been assigned the 4th level of risk, it is the highest. The country is included in the "Red" list of states where entry is currently prohibited. Chinese authorities say the country will open its borders if there are no new cases of infection and death within two weeks. According to preliminary calculations, the event is expected for the month of April.

In early March 2020, the WHO designated the coronavirus as a pandemic. Almost all European countries have closed air and land routes between each other. More than 70 countries have banned the exit of their citizens from the state, and some have restrictions on movement within the country.

Now the situation in China is getting much better when the virus is gaining momentum in Europe. The situation will change in the coming days. It is known that if the virus does not mutate, then by the end of spring the world will return to its previous rhythm. Today, the number of diseases in China is on the decline. So now we are waiting for information from other countries where the pandemic is now as active as possible.

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