Are there tests for coronavirus in Chelyabinsk

Coronavirus acts as a type of infectious disease related to the respiratory type. The phenomenon is dangerous, it can be presented in two stages. One is an acute respiratory viral infection, which is mild. In the second stage, there are complex consequences and the spread of viral pneumonia. The authorities are taking all possible measures to prevent this fatal phenomenon.

How is coronavirus diagnosed?

The new coronavirus has crossed the borders of Russia and is strengthening its position every day. The number of infected is 253 people. New cases of infection are observed in people who have recently returned from far abroad.

Are there tests for coronavirus in Chelyabinsk

In Chelyabinsk, all persons who have arrived from abroad are controlled. Even if a person does not have any signs of infection, but comes from countries with the presence of the virus, he will definitely be offered to be tested using a rapid test. The result is obtained quickly, from 4 hours to a day. If it is positive, then an additional laboratory test is mandatory, and the patient is placed in quarantine.

If a citizen refuses to undergo an examination, and there are no signs of infection, then he is offered a voluntary quarantine, which lasts two weeks.

A person who has contracted a 2019-nCoV infection has symptoms very similar to SARS:

  • The presence of rhinitis.
  • Periodic headache.
  • Chill state.
  • Discomfort in the throat when swallowing.
  • Weakness in the muscles.
  • High body temperature.

What biomaterial is needed

To detect the presence of a virus in the body, it is necessary to isolate the viral DNA in the body. For this, various biological fluids can be used. Depending on where the analysis is given, one or another liquid is required.

If the analysis is given using test systems, then blood is taken as the donated material. Its drop is placed in a special hole with a special liquid, which turns red in the presence of an infection. If there is no virus, then the liquid remains clear.

In the case of testing in a specialized laboratory, a swab is taken from the mouth and nose. This method is the most effective and gives a 100% result.

Are there tests for coronavirus in Chelyabinsk

 How long to wait for the result

In the case of passing tests for the presence of coronavirus, the waiting time can vary from four hours to several days. It depends on how the diagnosis is made.

You can get tested for coronavirus in Chelyabinsk through special test systems. They work by injecting a small amount of blood into a special test strip. In the case of its staining in color, a positive result is observed.

Then the person is hospitalized and he is given a full analysis in the laboratory, the results of which will have to wait for several days.

How many times the test is repeated

Despite the fact that information about the infection has been provided to all media and special reminders have been created about what symptoms will be observed in those infected, people still worry about identifying the virus in time.

If a citizen does not have symptoms of ARVI, then for an accurate determination whether he is a carrier of the virus or not, the analysis will have to be taken twice. If there are symptoms of infection, then the diagnosis is carried out at least three times.

If the fact of infection is confirmed, then the person will be immediately sent to quarantine, where he will be treated all alone to prevent infection of others.

How many times is the test repeated?

Depending on what the initial result was, the number of repeated examinations varies:

  1. If signs of infection are observed, but a positive result is not obtained during the examination, then the number of tests will be two.
  2. In the case when the first examination was positive, the tests are taken at least three times. Only after receiving a negative result again is a person considered fully recovered.
  3. In the absence of symptoms, the analysis can be taken once.
Are there tests for coronavirus in Chelyabinsk

Is there a coronavirus system test in the city

The government plans to deliver test systems that will help in diagnosing coronavirus infection in the early stages to the regions of Russia.

Today, there are no places to take a test for coronavirus in Chelyabinsk of your own free will, even on a paid one without signs of illness. Persons who have returned from China and places where a large number of infected people have been recorded have the primary right to analysis.

Important: Rospotrebnadzor decides whether an analysis is necessary in each specific case.

Symptoms to check: who can count on a free test

A person who arrived or flew in from abroad reports this to Rospotrebnadzor. If his location belongs to countries in which the viral situation is unfavorable, then he is forced to self-isolate forcibly, even if there are no signs of SARS. It is provided by the attending physician, who monitors the patient's location. In the case of the first signs of SARS, laboratory tests are taken from the patient.

If all tests are negative, then the observed person is considered healthy and after two weeks his quarantine ends. If the result is negative, then hospitalization is necessary. Its duration depends on the degree of readiness of the immune system to fight the infection.

The only way that allows you to be tested for coronavirus in Chelyabinsk at will is that a person talks about his return from a country with an unfavorable situation for coronavirus. In this case, he can be tested, but he will also have to self-isolate for two weeks.

Are there tests for coronavirus in Chelyabinsk

Where to go to get tested for coronavirus

If a person who may have had contact with a coronavirus carrier shows signs of SARS, he should contact the Rospotrebnadzor service or the attending physician. He will be asked to take a free test, which will show whether he is sick or not.

Important: If there are the first signs of infection, it is imperative to contact a specialist. You cannot self-medicate.

Private laboratories: prices, addresses, phones

There are currently no places where you can take a coronavirus test in Chelyabinsk on a voluntary basis. It is impossible to pass the analysis both for a fee and for free. Honest laboratories and clinics also do not provide such a service, since there is no one hundred percent certainty in the reliability of their results.

Before being tested for coronavirus, it is necessary to prove that a person has returned from abroad and has signs of SARS.

Coronavirus treatment is a long and complicated process. If the slightest symptoms of infection appear, you should immediately contact a specialist.

The main condition for compliance with personal prevention is washing hands after a person has visited a public place. Soaping hands should be at least 20 seconds. After washing, the hands must be made dry.

If a person was on the street, then after coming home, you need to thoroughly wash not only your hands, but also your face. After that, treat everything with isotonic saline solution.

If there is no possibility of washing, you need to disinfect using special means. You can't touch your face with your hands.

When in a public place or transport, you must use a mask. The need to change it is observed every 2-3 hours.

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