Is there a test system for diagnosing coronavirus in Volgograd

The situation with the coronavirus in Volgograd does not seem to cause concern. The city has recorded isolated cases of COVID-19 infection, but authorities have already declared war on a dangerous disease. However, the tension on the part of the townspeople is still felt, everyone is afraid of becoming a victim of an insidious infection. At the slightest ailment, people want to be tested for coronavirus in Volgograd for their own peace of mind. However, one desire is not enough, and in order to be diagnosed for the presence of a dangerous infection, one must meet a number of requirements.

Is there a test system for diagnosing coronavirus in Volgograd

How is coronavirus diagnosed?

Diagnosis for the presence of coronavirus is carried out for people who have pronounced symptoms of acute respiratory infections and who have recently visited states in which there is an outbreak of a dangerous disease. These countries include China, Korea, Italy, Spain, the USA and some others.

What biomaterial is needed

Any biological fluid is suitable for the analysis of the presence of coronavirus infection:

  1. Nasopharyngeal mucus;
  2. Flushing water of the bronchi;
  3. Sputum;
  4. Blood;
  5. Urine.

The most effective and fastest way to test for COVID-19 is with a nasopharyngeal swab. It is such an analysis that, for the most part, is passed by citizens with signs of acute respiratory infections. Also, such a procedure will not be superfluous for people who have been in contact with those infected with a new form of influenza and who have visited places with the highest number of cases of infection with a dangerous disease.

How long to wait for the result

Currently, the procedure for testing for coronavirus is well established in the Russian Federation. The polymerase chain reaction method is mainly used. This allows, in theory, to obtain an accurate result for the presence of infection within a few hours. However, the time of transporting tests and a long queue may interfere with such a benevolent picture - the laboratory may simply not be able to cope with the influx of tests for coronavirus.

How many times is the test repeated?

Laboratory confirmation of coronavirus infection at this stage is a three-stage process, since false positive and false negative results of fixing a dangerous disease are theoretically possible. Initially, the analyzes are processed by local infectious disease specialists, then the samples are received by Rospotrebnadzor. The result of the test is fixed in the Novosibirsk center "Vector", where the analyzes are delivered by plane or train. Such multi-stage testing provides 100% accuracy of the result.

Is there a test system for diagnosing coronavirus in Volgograd

Is there a coronavirus system test in the city

The operational headquarters of the region for countering COVID-19 assured that Volgograd received a test for coronavirus in sufficient quantities. Also, residents are optimistic about the fact that their colleagues from the state clinical diagnostic laboratory come to the rescue of busy specialists. Biomaterials of citizens who arrived from coronavirus-infected countries and went into self-isolation for two weeks will be sent to this institution.

The other day, Nikolai Alimov, deputy chief physician of the Volgograd region, said that laboratory employees receive 500 tests every week. This is exactly the number of test systems for which the application was received. If the epidemiological situation in the city inspires great concern, then the request for test systems will be increased.

 Symptoms to check: who can count on a free test

The initial signs of coronavirus in humans are not much different from the usual acute respiratory infections:

  1. Increase in body temperature up to 38 degrees;
  2. General malaise, joint pain;
  3. chest compression;
  4. Dry cough;
  5. Dyspnea.

These symptoms of the disease appear in 90% of those infected. Less commonly, patients have severe headaches, vomiting and loose stools, sputum streaked with blood. In this case, the body temperature can remain normal. By the initial symptoms, it is unrealistic to recognize COVID-19.

On the 5-6th day of disease progression, shortness of breath increases, making it difficult for a person to breathe even in a calm state. This symptom indicates damage to the lungs and the development of pneumonia. In the future, a person infected with coronovirus develops chest pain, the cough becomes wet with sputum.

Is there a test system for diagnosing coronavirus in Volgograd

If the development of the disease takes place in a similar way, then it is urgent to consult a doctor. In this case, the diagnosis of the disease will be free and the person has the right to expect a free test. The system for diagnosing coronavirus has already been debugged on the territory of the Russian Federation, so overlaps and large delays in the timing of delivery and verification of tests are excluded.

Where to go to get tested for coronavirus

If symptoms of coronavirus infection appear, a person should immediately contact the clinic at the place of residence. At the same time, in the registry of the medical institution, it is necessary to indicate information about the symptoms that have appeared and visits in the recent past or there are no countries in which COVID-19 is “raging”. It is very important to report only accurate truthful data, since the effectiveness of the actions taken will directly depend on this.

Further, in hospitals, the applicants must take the necessary tests and, using the test systems that are at the disposal of Rospotrebnadzor, check them. According to their results, the attending physician will announce the diagnosis. The main thing is that an ordinary citizen does not need to visit Rospotrebnadzor and the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology on their own.

Private laboratories: prices, addresses, phones

It is not yet possible to test for coronavirus in Volgograd in private clinics, but the situation will change soon. On the "hot line" of one of the medical institutions, they said that they would presumably provide such a service in mid-April. There will be a maximum of three people per room. In any case, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor at the first symptoms (fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, headaches).

Currently, the following private clinics are ready to test for the presence of a dangerous disease:

  1. On the seven winds Address 8 Air Army, 21a​ 2nd floor Dzerzhinsky district. Clinic phone: +7 (8442) 99‒99‒03;
  2. Da Vinci. Address Socialist, office 17​708-710; 7th floor Voroshilovsky district. Clinic phone: +7‒937‒730‒95‒49;
  3. ProfMed. Address Workers and Peasants, 44B ground floor-2. Clinic phone: +7 (8442) 51‒51‒55;
  4. VolgaMed. Address Communist, 19d 5th floor. Clinic phone number: +7 (8442) 50‒02‒07.
Is there a test system for diagnosing coronavirus in Volgograd

Footnote: The owners and administrators of these private clinics have already declared their willingness to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus. However, the time of the start of testing in medical institutions will be announced later.

The above medical institutions have good diagnosticians and premises that meet all safety requirements. True, while the price list for the provision of this service has not been announced. In any case, the need to contact the laboratories of private clinics will have a limited number of people, since the fight against coronavirus has already been declared a public matter.  

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