Are there coronavirus tests in Penza?

At the moment, the fight against coronavirus is the number one task. The authorities of all European countries are waging an incessant war against the spread of the epidemic. Every suspect who may have had contact with an infected person is tested. All officially confirmed cases have been quarantined. The rest are strongly advised not to leave the dwelling as long as possible.

How is coronavirus diagnosed?

The new coronavirus is spreading across Europe at high speed. The maximum number of infected is observed in China, Italy, Spain. Infected in other states are listed in the hundreds. There are fatalities.

In Penza, people who have made trips to other states in the near future are especially carefully examined. Especially those that are at risk. In the case when a person does not have any signs of infection, but came from a country with the presence of the virus, he will definitely be offered to be tested using a rapid test. The result is obtained quickly, from 4 hours to a day. If it is positive, then an additional laboratory test is mandatory, and the patient is placed in quarantine.

A person who has contracted a 2019-nCoV infection has symptoms very similar to SARS:

  • The presence of rhinitis.
  • High body temperature.
  • Weakness in the muscles.
  • Chill state.
  • Discomfort in the throat when swallowing.
  • Periodic headache.

What biomaterial is needed

In order to determine whether there is a virus in the human body or it is absent, it is necessary to check any biological fluid from the human body. This fact is explained by the fact that in order to determine the disease, it is necessary to determine the presence of virus DNA in the body. And for this, any kind of liquid is suitable.

The test system, which gives the result within a few hours, uses a drop of blood for its work. It is placed in a special groove on the plate. This hole contains a liquid that, when reacting with the DNA of the virus, turns into a certain color.

For analysis in a specialized laboratory, a swab is taken from the mouth and nose. This method is the most reliable.

 How long to wait for the result

In the case of passing tests for the presence of coronavirus, the waiting time can vary from four hours to several days. It depends on how the diagnosis is made.

You can get tested for coronavirus in Penza through special tests. The result with this method is obtained quickly and the person immediately knows whether there is a virus in his body or not. If a positive response is received in this way, a recheck from the laboratory with a smear is mandatory.

If the analysis is carried out by the traditional method, that is, by taking a smear, then the result will have to wait a little longer, up to several days.

How many times the test is repeated

Despite the fact that information about the infection has been provided to all media and special reminders have been created about what symptoms will be observed in those infected, people still worry about identifying the virus in time.

If a citizen does not have symptoms of ARVI, then for an accurate determination whether he is a carrier of the virus or not, the analysis will have to be taken twice. If there are symptoms of infection, then the diagnosis is carried out at least three times.

If the fact of infection is confirmed, then the person will be immediately sent to quarantine, where he will be treated all alone to prevent infection of others.

How many times is the test repeated?

In each individual case, the examination can be repeated a certain number of times:

  1. If there are signs of SARS and the first negative result is obtained, the analysis is taken twice. A second time to confirm the first negative result.
  2. If the first examination was positive, the tests are taken at least three times. Only after receiving a negative result again is a person considered fully recovered.
  3. If no symptoms are observed, then to accurately exclude the diagnosis, the analysis is given once.

 Is there a coronavirus system test in the city

On March 11, a statement was received that a batch of special tests had been delivered to the city, which should be used to diagnose everyone.

However, as of today, there are no signs of the disease to be tested for coronavirus in Penza at will. When contacting the attending physician, the decision is made for each individual on an individual basis. Basically, if no signs are observed, then a referral for analysis is not issued.

Important: Rospotrebnadzor makes a separate decision in each individual case. If the patient has not had contact with an infected person, then the referral will not be issued.

Symptoms to check: who can count on a free test

A person who arrived or flew in from abroad reports this to Rospotrebnadzor. Rospotrebnadzor considers all the circumstances of the case. It takes into account which country the patient has visited, the time of his presence there, the presence of contacts with strangers, the presence of primary signs of infection.

After a comprehensive examination, a definite decision on testing is made. If permission is obtained, then the district doctor writes out a referral and the person passes the analysis.

According to eyewitnesses, if the signs are minor and there is no confirmation of contacts with infected people, then the patient is invited to self-isolate and monitor their condition. If it worsens, contact your doctor again. That is, testing for coronavirus in Penza on a voluntary basis is currently not available.

Where to go to get tested for coronavirus

If a person who may have had contact with a coronavirus carrier shows signs of SARS, he should contact the Rospotrebnadzor service or the attending physician. He will be asked to take a free test, which will show whether he is sick or not.

Important: To prevent infection, you must take antiviral drugs and follow the rules of personal hygiene.

Private laboratories: prices, addresses, phones

Currently, it is possible to get tested for coronavirus in Penza only if you come into contact with an infected person or someone from his entourage. If the patient does not have evidence of contact, then even in the presence of primary signs, there is a high probability of refusing to undergo the examination.

 Private laboratories and clinics also do not provide such a service, since there is no one hundred percent certainty in the reliability of their results.

Before being tested for coronavirus, it is necessary to prove that a person has returned from abroad and has signs of SARS.

It is quite difficult to recover from coronavirus, especially if the patient is from the category that is most prone to death. If the slightest symptoms of infection appear, you should immediately contact a specialist.

The main condition for compliance with personal prevention is washing hands after a person has visited a public place. Soaping hands should be at least 20 seconds. After washing, the hands must be made dry.

When in a public place or transport, you must use a mask. The need to change it is observed every 2-3 hours.

If there is no possibility of washing, you need to disinfect using special means. You can't touch your face with your hands.

If a person was on the street, then after coming home, you need to thoroughly wash not only your hands, but also your face. After that, treat everything with isotonic saline solution.

A person with good immunity and physical performance has a high probability that the disease will bypass him or will proceed in a mild form.

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