Volgodonsk - official statistics of incidence of coronavirus

Since the end of December, the whole world has been fascinated by the information provided in the media about the number of cases and recoveries from coronavirus, as well as the rate of infection in the country. The statistics of states that failed to promptly respond to the outbreak and cope with the flow of patients is horrific. At the same time, most of the heads of state, who are just embarking on the path of struggle, adopting the sad experience, introduce quarantine measures in the country, trying to prevent a sharp increase in the number of cases.

How are things in Volgodonsk with coronavirus

COVID-19 is transmitted by contact-household or airborne droplets. Affecting the mucous membranes, it passes with lightning speed into the upper respiratory tract, where it settles tightly, reducing immunity. If you do not seek qualified help in a timely manner, a fatal outcome is possible.

Such information, today, can be found from various sources, but all the same, residents ignore it, referring to the fact that it is an ordinary flu.

By the way, it's true. COVID-19 or coronavirus is a type of flu. It was he who was bred back in 1935, and then he had 37 strains in his contract. But over such a long period of time, the virus mutated and its "brothers" - the main 4, the most dangerous, due to which complications develop.

There are no cases diagnosed with coronavirus infection in the city. In Volgodonsk, the medical service of the city observes seven people. These people are observed at home. Their condition is satisfactory, they do not complain, but due to the epidemiological situation they are temporarily isolated.

New information about the coronavirus in Volgodonsk is collected daily. According to the Rostov region, today there are 650 cases, of which 0 in Volgodonsk.

Quarantine measures in the city

The coronavirus in Volgodonsk is unsystematic.

Upon arrival at Moscow airports from foreign countries, special services monitor all visitors. It also determines whether people are suspected of coronavirus, and then lists are compiled that are sent to the territory of arrival of citizens. Information is transmitted promptly and lists are transmitted to local governments. Further, according to the instructions, the medical service goes to examine such citizens, provide recommendations. People stay at home for 14 days while on sick leave.

If necessary, their relatives are sent to the hospital. The quarantine or self-isolation regime applies to all people living in the same apartment.

The administration is currently considering reducing the number of cultural and sporting events. This information will appear in the media in the near future. Rospotrebnadzor, the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology and the Administration are working to provide companies with information on priority measures to prevent coronaviruses.

All educational institutions are working as usual, applying mandatory preventive measures. Quarantine of kindergartens and schools in Volgodonsk is not planned. But during the school holidays, all entertainment and sports activities will be canceled. Universities themselves decide whether to transfer students to distance learning or not.

Is it possible to get tested for coronavirus in Volgodonsk

COVID-19 is the most discussed topic in the global community. Daily updated information about the number of infected and dead is spreading and terrifying all the inhabitants of the Earth.

There are no cases of coronavirus infection in Volgodonsk, there are no people with suspected virus. The city administration declares with full responsibility that the situation is stable and controlled in all spheres of the city's life. Preventive measures are needed, but this does not cause panic and attacks on store shelves.

If a coronavirus is suspected, the patient takes the biomaterials into special test tubes and delivers them to the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Rostov Region FBUZ in Rostov-on-Don.

By the way, throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, three laboratories work non-stop, to which, from all over the country, the results of research converge, and they confirm the accuracy of these results.

With the operational sampling of the analysis, the speed of its processing is 5 hours.

Upon contact with a patient with the virus, he will be placed in an isolation room, which is located on the basis of the palliative unit in the emergency hospital. As soon as a sign of illness is detected, the citizen will be transferred to a temporary hospital. The stay depends on the speed of obtaining the result.

Assuming a negative outcome - if a coronavirus is detected - the patient will be transferred to a quarantine hospital. Quarantine and temporary hospitals will be deployed on the basis of the Children's Infectious Diseases Hospital. each institution must be ready to deploy an operational headquarters within 6 hours.  

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