Will quarantine protect residents of Rybinsk from coronavirus?

Coronovirus-COVID-19 is a family of viral bacteria. Of which, by January 2020, up to 40 subspecies of RNA were identified - viral, cumulative of 2 subtypes. Able to infect living cells of people, dogs, cats, bats, cattle, pigs. The name comes from the physical image of this bacterium "spiky processes", in structure reminiscent of the "solar crown".

By the end of December 2019, the COVID-19 virus infection began to progress in China, causing pneumonia. After that, it rapidly reached other countries. The carriers of the COVID-19 virus infection are infected people and animals. The main ways of infection and transmission of this infection are: bodily contact with the sick and infected, airborne droplets, airborne dust. According to statistics, the incidence occurs during periods of winter and early spring. Patients with symptoms of SARS are taken to medical centers to detect COVID-19 virus infection. After that, their number is revealed on average by 10-12%. Even with such a small amount, the immune system is not able to cope with this infection on its own. Their presence in the body of people who have been ill is evidenced by the detected antibodies of coronovirus bacteria, with a level of up to 80%.

Under conditions of standard humidity and low temperatures, the virus is able to survive in the environment for up to several days, depending on the surface: on wood and clothes up to 2 days, on banknotes and glass up to 4 days, on metal and plastic up to 7 days.

How many people are infected with coronovirus in Rybinsk?

Residents of Rybinsk can be calm, enjoy and do useful things in their homes. According to the latest data, only one case with infection with the virus has been identified. The patient is being treated at Hospital No. 2, doctors comment that he is on the mend. His family has been examined and is in self-isolation. Even if we talk about the entire Yaroslavl region, only 10 people were identified as sick with the COVID-19 virus infection, they are also all on treatment. Less than 500 people are already in self-isolation. Despite the fact that about 750 people were treated with symptoms of SARS.

Quarantine measures in Rybinsk

On the occasion of the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus infection in the city of Rybinsk, as well as throughout the country, emergency measures were taken to prevent the possible development of the disease. By decision of the administration for the duration of the pandemic, the public transport schedule was changed, shopping and entertainment centers, schools, kindergartens, hairdressers, car dealerships, catering points were closed, and office workers were transferred to a remote way of performing their duties. At the legislative level, citizens of the city of Rybinsk are asked not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. Exits are allowed on the occasion of: the disposal of household waste or the purchase of essential goods in stores or pharmacies located near the place of registration. When communicating with strangers, a distance of 1-2 meters should be observed. In the form of prevention, it is a mandatory requirement to disinfect hands, antiseptics with an alcohol content of at least 70%. Processing of premises, it is necessary to carry out at least 2-3 times a week, chlorine-containing means.

Where to get tested for coronovirus in Rybinsk?

Anyone can take tests and be examined for the detection of the COVID-19 virus infection in the following institutions: the CityLab clinic, Pirogov city hospitals and No. 2. These centers are well equipped and equipped to take the first necessary measures in case of a viral disease. In an emergency, patients will be hospitalized in Yaroslavl.

What will be next?

According to the latest data, it is known that the quarantine period will last until April 30. Because In general, the situation with the pandemic is still developing. Around 13,500 people have been registered across the country, 1,000 have recovered and 100 have died. A difficult period for today, the COVID-19 virus infection has created in the United States, where there are about 500 thousand people who are sick. And for the world as a whole, this figure exceeds 1.5 million people. As for China, everything is much better there, as of April 10, there are 83 thousand people infected and 73 thousand of them are recovering. Despite the fact that the situation in Russia is comparatively better than in the world, Moscow Mayor S. Sobyanin announced the access system in the city from April 13. Only medical institutions, traffic police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, road construction services do not stop working.

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