Coronavirus and quarantine in Vologda

Coronavirus belongs to the category of viral diseases, the genotype of which is not well understood. That is why the disease is actively spreading around the world.

How many people have become ill with the coronavirus in Vologda?

In Vologda, coronavirus was first detected on April 3, 2020. Within two days, the number of infected rose to 13.

On April 12, Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnik reported that there were 42 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the region. He says that another 17 people have a suspected disease that has not been laboratory confirmed.

Patients with coronavirus in Vologda are being treated in an infectious diseases hospital. Doctors say that their condition is stable, most of them are on the mend. Information about one death from coronavirus has appeared on the Internet. But, it is not confirmed.

Quarantine in Vologda: what does it mean and when will it end?

Quarantine in Vologda was introduced at the end of March, despite the absence of cases of coronavirus infection. That is why not all residents of the region complied with quarantine measures. According to the authorities, this provoked the spread of the disease. That is why the mayor of the city has tightened the quarantine rules. If people do not adhere to them, then they face administrative liability and a fine.

A state of emergency and quarantine have been introduced on the territory of the region. This means that all people are forbidden to go outside. If a person needs medical care, then he can move around the city if he has the appropriate document. People whose activities are related to providing the necessary assistance to people in quarantine can move along the streets.

Coronavirus quarantine in Vologda provides for self-isolation of all residents. Going outside is allowed only in emergency situations:

  • If you need to buy food, essential goods, medicines, then you are allowed to go to the nearest outlet or pharmacy.
  • Dogs are allowed within a radius of 100 meters from the house.
  • Residents can take municipal waste to the nearest collection point.

The order on the introduction of quarantine in Vologda allows people who work in the services that ensure the vital activity of the population to move around the streets. If a person is caring for a pensioner over the age of 65, then he can go outside. Movement is allowed for people who need medical care. They must have supporting documents.

If a person is over 65 years old, then he is strictly forbidden to go outside. If there are problems with the purchase of medicines or essential goods, it is recommended to seek help from volunteers.

Schools in the city and region are closed for quarantine. Children are learning remotely. They get their homework on the Internet. Students independently study new topics. If there are difficulties, they can communicate with the teacher online. Kindergartens are closed for quarantine. Here, duty groups were organized for children whose parents work in organizations that ensure the life of the city. Children who come to kindergarten are examined by a medical worker every morning.

Where to get tested for coronavirus in Vologda?

It is not possible to pass a test for coronavirus in the city and region at will. The analysis is carried out only if there are relevant indications. If a person arrived from abroad, then he must self-isolate for 2 weeks. On the 10th day, a test for the disease is done.

People who have symptoms of an acute respiratory viral disease can be tested for coronavirus. If a person has been in contact with a patient for a long time, then he can be tested. If there are signs of pathology, it is not recommended to visit the medical center on your own, as there is a risk of infecting strangers. In this case, you can call a doctor at home, who, after examining the patient and taking anamnesis, will prescribe an analysis.

 Coronavirus hotline numbers in Vologda

A coronavirus hotline has been opened in Vologda on the number 8 800 200 93 88. You can call here if you have questions about the symptoms and prevention of coronavirus. Also, the authorities of the region ask people who came from abroad to call this number. They must provide the operator with their personal data, their actual address of residence and name the country in which they were located. Questions are answered by highly qualified operators who have undergone preliminary training.

If you need help from volunteers, you can call 8 800 200 34 11.

The epidemic in Vologda has led local authorities to impose strict quarantine measures, eliminating the possibility of the disease spreading.

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