The situation in Mytishchi in connection with the coronavirus

Coronavirus is a deadly disease that attacked the whole world in 2020. More than a thousand people in Russia fall ill with it every day. In particular, the centers of the spread of the epidemic are Moscow and the Moscow region. Mytishchi coronavirus has not bypassed. About how things are with the virus in the suburbs and will be discussed in the article.

How many patients with coronavirus in Mytishchi

At the moment, 133 patients with coronavirus have been identified in Mytishchi. They are in 3rd place in the anti-rating for the spread of the disease. Currently, quarantine has been introduced in Mytishchi and restrictive measures have been introduced in the form of a mandatory self-isolation regime until May 1. When traveling from April 15, citizens must have a pass with them. It must be issued in the mobile application "Gosuslugi STOP Coronavirus". Otherwise, residents face heavy fines from the National Guard if they go for a walk without a good reason. The pass is presented to the authorities in printed or electronic form on a mobile phone.

Important. A pass is required to travel by private or public transport. For walking, maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters, it is not required.

You do not need a pass to go for a walk with your dog, to a store or a pharmacy within 100 meters from your home. A pass is made in the following cases:

  • For trips to the country;
  • To visit medical institutions;
  • For trips to shops located on the other side of the city;
  • For driving to work.

It should be noted that for trips to medical centers, a pass can be issued an unlimited number of times, and for other reasons - no more than 2 times a week. The pass is given for 1 calendar day.

Important. Self-isolation should be observed without fail, otherwise there is a high risk of becoming infected by airborne droplets from carriers of the virus.

Which schools in Mytishchi are quarantined and what else is closed

Currently, all schools in Mytishchi are closed for quarantine. Quarantine in schools will last until April 30, then it will be known according to the situation. Educational institutions have been switched to distance learning.

In addition, quarantine in Mytishchi also applies to organizations. Beauty salons are closed, even those that have a license, gyms, restaurants, parks, households, shopping centers. Taxi stopped carrying passengers. The exceptions are those who have a license. Pharmacies, grocery stores, medical institutions, as well as shops selling essential goods continue to operate. They can also be purchased online. Car services and tire shops can carry out repairs only in emergency cases. Factories and factories are working, but with the use of protective equipment: masks, gloves, keeping a distance and temperature control. Structures that deal with financial payments, authorities and manufacturers of personal protective equipment also carry out the work.

In those enterprises where work is carried out, mandatory disinfection of office and industrial premises is carried out.

Parishioners are not allowed to attend church services during Holy Week from April 13 to 19. Believers can watch broadcasts of services on the official website of the Moscow Patriarch. It is possible to extend the period of visiting temples, cemeteries and churches, due to the current situation.

Where to get tested for coronavirus in Mytishchi

Currently, you can get tested for coronavirus in Mytishchi at the doctor's home if you have symptoms associated with the disease. In addition, you can take a coronavirus test in Mytishchi at polyclinics and private laboratories, such as Health Laboratory, Helix, and Hemotest. It is worth noting that in the Mytishchi City Clinical Hospital, first of all, the analysis is taken from people who arrived from countries with an unfavorable situation and with symptoms of the disease.

Others cannot take the test. The analysis is carried out by professional staff at the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology of the federal centers of Rospotrebnadzor. To detect coronavirus in the Moscow region, doctors are ready to conduct 7,000 tests per day.

Mytishchi City Clinical Hospital is currently on high alert. In recent days, 5 patients who recovered from the coronavirus have been discharged from it, and they no longer pose a danger to others. Due to the coronavirus in Mytishchi, elderly people over 65 and with chronic diseases who are most vulnerable to the disease will receive free medicines at home.

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