The situation in the Queen of the Moscow region in connection with the coronavirus

Coronavirus is a serious viral disease that people first became aware of at the end of 2019. The disease spreads rapidly and takes the lives of people, so the authorities of many regions have introduced strict quarantine measures.

 Is there a coronavirus in the Queen?

On April 2, information was provided that a coronavirus had appeared in the Queen of the Moscow Region. The disease was laboratory confirmed in 3 residents of the city. One of the patients is being treated on an outpatient basis, the second is in the Korolyov city hospital in the infectious diseases department.

Quarantine measures in Korolev and the Moscow region

An infectious diseases department will be opened at the Royal City Hospital to treat people with coronavirus from April 15. The department can simultaneously accept 70 patients.

Measures to prevent SARS and coronavirus are the complete self-isolation of people. It is only allowed to go outside to the nearest store or pharmacy. Children can only walk in the presence of one adult, subject to maintaining a distance from strangers. The government has allowed dogs to be walked within a radius of 100 meters from the house.

Previously, mass events were completely canceled. The owners of shopping centers have closed cinemas, children's centers, catering establishments. Most firms have organized remote work for their employees.

At the moment, gas stations, grocery stores, medical centers, and pharmacies operate in the region. All of them regularly disinfect the premises and ventilate them. Employees strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene.

The students were on long spring break until April 4th. At the end of them, there will be quarantine in the schools of the Queen. The children were provided with distance learning. For this, special online platforms have been created. Kindergartens have been quarantined. Groups on duty were organized here for children whose parents work in organizations that ensure the livelihoods of the population. Every morning, a kindergarten health worker takes the temperature of the children.

People who have returned from abroad must observe quarantine for 2 weeks. On the 10th day, material is taken from them for analysis for coronavirus. If a person has returned from abroad, then he must call the Rospotrebnadzor hotline at +7-800-550-50-30. The operator needs to give his last name, first name and patronymic, actual address of residence, phone number, and also say in which country the person was. If a person cannot self-isolate (for example, lives in a hostel), then he needs to call the hotline. The citizen will be given a place in the observatory.

A person who is in self-isolation is issued an electronic sick leave certificate. Children who were fed at school for public funds are given food packages. The unemployed are paid benefits. For violating the quarantine, citizens of the region face a penalty of imprisonment for a period of 5 years. When spreading fakes about coronavirus on the Internet, a person can be held administratively liable.

Where to get tested for coronavirus in Korolev?

On April 15, the largest laboratory in the Moscow region began to work in the city. It is impossible to take a coronavirus test in Korolev on your own. It is prescribed by a doctor after a preliminary examination of patients. People who have symptoms of an acute respiratory disease can be tested for coronavirus in Korolev. If a person has been in epidemiologically disadvantaged countries for coronavirus, then he is recommended to undergo an examination. If a person has been in contact with a patient for a long time, they are tested for coronavirus.

For testing, a person does not need to visit the laboratory in the Queen. He must call a doctor at home, who will decide on passing the test. The sampling of biomaterial from the oral or nasal cavity is carried out by a medical worker. It is strictly forbidden to visit a medical facility on your own with symptoms of the disease, as there is a risk of infecting others.

Coronavirus in the Queen is not widespread. Despite this, the authorities of the region have taken strict measures to prevent it.

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