What is happening in Surgut in connection with the coronavirus

Coronavirus has become the main news in recent times in all countries. The Chinese market has caused unrest around the world. Every person fears for their health. The forces of countries are aimed at limiting the sick and protecting healthy people. It is important to follow the news so as not to miss the changes that the authorities are introducing to protect themselves from the virus. This situation applies to every person.

How many people are infected with coronavirus in Surgut

On March 29, a new confirmed case of coronavirus infection became known. Irina Kudryavtseva, deputy head of the regional Rospotrebnadzor, reported this information at the official level.

The woman who tested positive for the coronavirus recently returned from Italy. She took security measures and was in self-isolation. The doctors decided to test her in connection with a recent trip abroad.

Despite self-isolation, a circle of people who have been in contact with her has already been identified. It included passengers of the aircraft (127 people) and 12 more from a close circle of friends.

12 people are isolated, taken under observation, and doctors are conducting tests. The sick woman continues the incubation period and clinical manifestations of coronavirus are not observed at the moment. She continues to adhere to self-isolation, monitoring of her is carried out in an enhanced mode.

Thus, there are 5 people infected with coronavirus in Surgut at the moment.

Protective measures against coronavirus in the city

The situation in the Autonomous Okrug forced the governor to introduce a high alert regime on March 18. At the same time, he ordered the local authorities to take measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Thus, pupils and students from:

  1. General education;
  2. Vocational education;
  3. higher education organizations;
  4. Additional education.

In addition to this, the activities of educational institutions that do not provide for distance learning were terminated. Long-stay camps for children have been closed.

Also, measures have been taken to strengthen control over compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards, wet cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation. The authorities are closely monitoring the availability of protective masks for all segments of the population. This applies to medical personnel.

A hotline is being set up for consultation, as well as some hospitals are already ready to accept patients with coronavirus, as well as those who are suspected or have symptoms similar to those given by the virus.

Volunteers are additionally involved in the work. They are needed as a support for the population over 65 years old, as well as for preventive measures. The possibility of paying for utilities, loans, contributions remotely is provided. Everyone who is in the circle of contact with a patient with coronavirus must adhere to self-isolation.

The authorities sent their forces to provide for the needy segments of the population, to support vulnerable people (the elderly over 65, children and the disabled). In addition, a quarantine regime has been introduced, which will provide an opportunity to slow down the spread of coronavirus, limit patients and cope with the epidemic in the shortest possible time.

The authorities ask people not to leave the house unnecessarily, wash their hands, wear protective masks, and not be in the crowd. If a person feels symptoms of a cold or flu, the best thing they can do is stay at home and self-isolate. In case of deterioration of health and fever, call the hotline, where specialists will help him. In Surgut, the coronavirus will stop spreading only with the help of self-awareness and responsibility of every citizen!

Where to take a coronavirus test in Surgut

If a person suspects that they have coronavirus or has been in contact with a sick person, they need to self-isolate and be tested for the disease. You can take a coronavirus test in Surgut at several hospitals:

  • Polyclinic № 4;
  • District Hospital;
  • Regional hospital of Khanty-Mansiysk.

Polyclinic No. 4 was the first to receive tests for coronavirus. She has not only a laboratory for research, but also all the permissions and conditions for this. Diagnosis is made by PCR.

To take a test for coronavirus, you need to call the hotline and explain the situation. Specialists will send a person to an institution for analysis.

The authorities of Surgut are doing everything to prevent the coronavirus from spreading throughout the Autonomous Okrug. It is important to follow the recommendations in order not to be exposed to the disease. In case of questions, citizens can contact the hotline, created specifically to support the population.

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