Rostov Marquise tested positive for coronavirus

As in the rest of the world, news about the coronavirus pandemic is the hottest in Rostov-on-Don. They filled the entire information agenda. People talk about the virus in kitchens, write jokes, write posts on social networks. Rostovites also connected to this story. The number of ambulance calls for all sorts of different reasons has increased significantly, including because of SARS. This can be understood. People are reinsured. Any sneeze causes panic.

 The stores are stocking up on essentials, although there is no need to worry, supermarkets are still far from empty shelves. If you wish, you can use the Russian Post service for free home delivery of groceries. And for the elderly and people with limited legal capacity, the Department of Social Protection has opened a hotline 8 988 572-65-69. Here they will be helped with the delivery of food, medicines and other necessary things.

Did the coronavirus get to Rostov-on-Don

The most joyful news: to date, not a single person has been confirmed coronavirus in Rostov-on-Don. Although doctors are testing 267 people on suspicion of this dangerous disease, 21 of them are children. 340 people are being tested for coronavirus in the Rostov region. In 15 people who recently returned from abroad, the suspicion of infection was not confirmed.  

All medical personnel in 34 hospitals are on high alert. Governor of the Rostov Region V.Yu. Golubev assured the population that hospitals have a sufficient number of test systems to test for suspected virus. He also denied fake news spread on the Internet about food shortages and spraying disinfectants from a helicopter.

What was the case with the coronavirus in a cat

A very strange story happened in Rostov-on-Don with the cat Marquise. Her new owner Natalya, the owner of seven cats, told a more than curious story of her acquaintance with this snow-white cutie. This was over two months ago. Once, on a cold December day, a woman met a cute cat creature in the park, clean and well-groomed, and after a week of trials by cold and hunger, she saw this cat in a terrible state in the same place. What happened to this animal? How did a well-groomed pet end up alone on the street?  

But the most striking thing was discovered a little later, when a compassionate Rostov woman brought the unfortunate creature for examination to a veterinary clinic. After a thorough examination and testing, to the surprise of doctors and the new mistress, a whole bunch of diseases were found in the fluffy patient, including feline immunodeficiency virus and coronavirus.

 It is very interesting where the cat picked up these diseases, and was it accidentally abandoned? It should be noted that in this case, a person should not be afraid of infection with a coronavirus detected in a cat. Cat coronavirus can only infect its fellows. For us people, this is comforting news, but for the past two months no one has dared to take the poor Marquise to himself from the veterinary clinic. Although several hundred people viewed Natalya's announcement about finding a cat owner, and some even called, it seems that fear of coronavirus infection stops potential owners.

The area is surrounded on all sides

Bordering the Rostov region, Ukraine, the Voronezh region and the Krasnodar Territory already have several cases of infection with this dangerous epidemic. Accordingly, Ukraine - 18 cases, Voronezh region - 2 cases and 1 person fell ill in the Krasnodar Territory. Other neighbors - the Volgograd region, Kalmykia and the Stavropol Territory did not have proven patients. In the Rostov region, they are trying to take measures to limit the mass movement of people across the borders of the region.

 Measures to protect against coronavirus in the city and region

The authorities of Rostov-on-Don are doing everything possible to prevent the virus from spreading among the citizens:

  • Precautions are being introduced in transport, flights to Europe, Tel Aviv, Yerevan (110 cases were detected there) and Bishkek (3 cases) are canceled, from March 21 to Minsk.
  • Higher education institutions have switched to distance learning.
  • Many employers are telecommuting employees
  • Several concerts, theatrical performances, circus performances canceled
  • All mass events of more than 500 people are canceled
  • Suspended the championship of Russia on football, although “Rostov” does not stop training
  • The courts of the Rostov region have suspended their work, personal appointments with judges have been stopped, only the most urgent cases will be considered (the choice of a preventive measure and the trial of cases of minors and incapacitated).
  • In public urban transport, seats and handrails are regularly disinfected.
  • It is recommended that older people refrain from visiting crowded places, because the pneumonia epidemic is too big a risk for their immune system.
  • The order of church rituals has been changed: priests will use disposable items (gloves and utensils), alcohol handkerchiefs and limit contact with shrines
  • The authorities have ordered public utilities to carry out daily wet cleaning of the streets
  • The city's medical mask manufacturing facility has increased its output from 1,000 to 3,000 per day.

So measures are being taken, there is no reason to panic. It’s just that everyone should do everything in their power to avoid catching the virus: cleanliness, disinfection, limiting visits to public places, and, of course, taking care of their own health – healthy eating, playing sports, boosting immunity. The main thing is not to succumb to panic and hysteria, because an epidemic of fear can become a much more dangerous problem than an epidemic of coronavirus.

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