The number of deaths from coronavirus in Russia

A new virus from China has been on the front pages of news feeds since the beginning of 2020. Its rapid expansion continues. Governments of all countries are trying to contain the onslaught of coronavirus, closing borders and introducing quarantine. How this applies to Russia, we will consider in the article. The article considers the official statistics on the infected and the dead, the veracity of the facts from the government, and forecasts for the development of the pandemic in Russia.

Are there any deaths from coronavirus in Russia

Data on the number of people infected and dead from coronavirus is updated daily. As of March 17, 2020, 0 people have died in Russia. However, there were no casualties at all. The number of patients has exceeded 100. The authorities have already begun to take measures to contain the pandemic, albeit not quickly enough.

  1. Distance learning was introduced in schools in the regions of the country, and in Moscow free attendance. In fact, schools have been quarantined. Children receive an electronic task and complete it. The teacher then checks and grades. Statistics show that children rarely get sick with coronavirus, but at the same time they can easily be a carrier of the infection. In order to avoid new carriers, a decision was made to remotely teach schoolchildren and university students.
  2. Ban on mass events. Restrictions on the number of people over 50. In Moscow and the regions, the order is valid until April 10, according to preliminary data. This is a big blow for many companies. However, the authorities also recommend that all employees switch to remote work, where possible.
  3. The recommended self-isolation regime for those who come from countries with an unfavorable situation in relation to the coronavirus. These include all EU countries, Norway, Sweden and the UK, as well as Iran and a number of others. The question of how many died in Russia from the coronavirus is not worth it. But you can't risk it.

Should we trust the official data?

Official statistics indicate a low incidence in our country. Many are already beginning to doubt the veracity of the facts.

First, until recently, the authorities did not take any measures to identify the sick and protect them from healthy people. At airports and railway stations, people were not checked for the fact of an increase in temperature with thermal imagers. They also allowed on the flight and released people with signs of the disease without quarantine.

Secondly, there are still difficulties with checking the status of the coronavirus. There just aren't enough tests. Hospital staff do not know how to deal with potentially sick people and tend to avoid contact with them. Potentially coronavirus patients were placed in common wards with other patients with other diagnoses.

Thirdly, the reaction of the President of Belarus at the closing of the Russian-Belarusian borders is extremely alarming. His words that Russia is blazing with a coronavirus epidemic makes the official statistics even more doubtful. It was about more than 1,500 infected.

On the other hand, there are facts that speak about the veracity of the news of the federal channels. imported cases. And the tourist flow in the off-season is much lower. Therefore, there is some truth in the news sources.

How many people will die if the whole of Russia becomes infected

The first victim of the virus was discovered in China at the end of 2019. In 2020, several thousand people have already suffered from the coronavirus. Is it likely that the epidemic in Russia will develop according to the Chinese or Italian scenario?

Statistics show rare cases of infection in children. The main target of the new virus is the elderly and pensioners. In Italy, the demographic situation is extremely unfavorable. This means that a significant part of the country's population is of retirement or pre-retirement age. This is one of the reasons for the rapid spread of the virus among the population.

In Russia, the average age of citizens across the country is younger. This gives a chance that even if the entire country becomes infected with the coronavirus, the number of deaths will be minimal. The disease will be carried by young people and middle-aged people in a mild degree.

From all the screens they say that it is necessary to protect elderly parents, grandparents from infection. It is most difficult for them to endure diseases due to the presence of other chronic diseases.

Despite the rapidly developing events, do not panic and buy all the products from the store shelves. The coronovirus pandemic is not the first case of a worldwide spread of infection. The world has experienced epidemics more than once. The main thing to do is to follow the recommendations. Basic hygiene and precautions have saved, are saving and will save many lives. To avoid getting the virus into the body, you need to wash your hands, avoid contact with the sick and crowds of people. Be prepared for quarantine and adequately respond to the recommendations of the authorities.

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