How is the situation with coronavirus in Serpukhov?

Moscow has become the epicenter of the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Russia. The Moscow region is in second place both in terms of the number of cases and the number of deaths. In the zone of greatest danger are the cities close to the capital - Mytishchi, Khimki, Lyubertsy. Serpukhov is located on the border of two foci of the virus, the Moscow and Tula regions. Media reports about the epidemiological situation in the region.

Is there a coronavirus in Serpukhov?

Unfortunately, the pandemic has not bypassed the region. Even before the appearance of the first cases in the region, all possible measures were taken to stop the spread of the disease. On March 21, the city closed schools for quarantine. Mass events planned for March-April have been cancelled. Since March 30, the work of shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas, restaurants and cafes has been suspended.

The first call came on April 4, when it became known about the first confirmed test in a local resident. For a long time, the number of cases in the city did not exceed two. The situation changed on April 9: the regional administration reported 4 new cases. Thus, in Serpukhov, there are a total of 6 cases of COVID-19 infection. Two people are currently being treated in a hospital, the rest are in quarantine.

It is known that one of the sick men did not travel abroad. He picked up the disease from his client, who was vacationing in Italy. Now the Serpukhov resident is in the hospital on the way to recovery.

In general, the situation in the region is not critical. However, due to the presidential decree, the restrictions will last until April 30. For prevention purposes, quarantine in Serpukhov schools will also be observed until the specified date.

Is it true that a person in Serpukhov died from a coronavirus?

All relevant information on coronavirus can be found on federal and city portals. The statistics indicate that there are no deaths in the city yet. In all cases, the infection proceeds easily: the symptoms of the disease are in many ways similar to SARS. They have no complications. The condition of patients is monitored daily by doctors who keep everything under strict control.

Rumors that a person died from the coronavirus in Serpukhov have not yet been confirmed. We remind you that reliable information can only be obtained from official sources (for example, stopcoronavirus.rf). Statistics on the situation in Moscow and the region are updated daily. At the moment, there are 13 deaths from the new type of virus in the region. Most of them are elderly people.

Where to get tested for coronavirus in Serpukhov?

Back in March, it became known that a new laboratory for diagnosing coronavirus infection had opened in Serpukhov. The point was opened on the basis of the dermatovenerological dispensary of the hospital. Semashko. According to the administration, this measure will help reduce the burden on the federal laboratory.

Previously, it was stated that tests are performed only on doctor's orders. In order to pass the analysis, it was necessary to first contact a specialist to confirm doubts. Today, you can get tested for coronavirus in Serpukhov at home and without an appointment.

Testing at home is currently available only in Moscow and the region. The service is implemented on a paid basis. It is planned that this type of diagnostics will be used in other cities of the Russian Federation.

To conduct an analysis at home, you must contact the Center for Molecular Diagnostics of Rospotrebnadzor. Experts will come to the potential infected, collect the biomaterial and take it to the laboratory. Test results will be emailed to you within two days.

Coronavirus hotlines

News reports do not cause consolation: the incidence in the country is growing, as is the panic among people. In Serpukhov, the coronavirus, as in other cities, is only gaining momentum. The disease hotlines are designed to help citizens get through this difficult time. The following toll-free numbers operate in the city:

  • unified coronavirus hotline 8(800) 550 50 30;
  • city ​​hotline for the elderly 8(4967)75 00 17;
  • SMS line for complaints about the quality of the processing of entrances 8 (925) 979 20 37;
  • hotline for entrepreneurs 8(4967)35 51 22;
  • hotline for agricultural issues 8(4967) 39 64 92.

Compliance with the regime of self-isolation is the only effective way to prevent a viral infection. Until April 30, the region will be on high alert. Quarantine will be canceled when the peak of the incidence of citizens is overcome.

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